How to Buy Wilson Golf Clubs on eBay

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The modern game of golf originated in Scotland in the 15th century. The actual origins of golf are unknown, but it is believed to have evolved from games played by Romans, Chinese, or possibly the Dutch in the centuries prior. Regardless of the actual origin, the heritage of golf lies in Scotland, where one can find the oldest golf courses in the world.

The popularity of golf can be traced to different aspects of the game, but the fact that golf can be played by people of nearly any age or physical capability is one of the more endearing features of the game. Golf courses are located in nearly every country, and one only needs a set of golf clubs to take advantage of the game. For players looking for a set of Wilson golf clubs to begin a golfing adventure, there is an excellent selection of clubs available for purchase on eBay. With its large network of sellers and wide selection of products, the website makes it easy to find Wilson golf clubs at affordable prices.

About Wilson Golf Clubs

Wilson Staff is a division of Wilson Sporting Goods and was founded in 1914 to specifically develop the company's golf program. Wilson Staff produces a full line of golf equipment including clubs, golf bags, golf balls, golf gloves, hats, and various other accessories needed to play golf. Since its inception, Wilson Staff has maintained a professional golf staff that uses the company's equipment during professional golf events and provides feedback and suggestions to improve the equipment.

Wilson Staff has been associated with some of the world's top players over the years, including Gene Sarazen and Arnold Palmer. It was Gene Sarazen in 1932 who helped Wilson Staff develop and market the sand wedge, a club that revolutionised the game of golf. Wilson Staff also developed the first irons that feature club weighting that moved from the heel of the club towards the centre, thus improving less-than-perfect ball strikes. These clubs were the precursor to the cavity back irons that are prevalent in the marketplace, including on eBay.

New vs. Used Golf Clubs

When novice players and seasoned veterans decide to purchase Wilson Golf clubs from eBay, there are two different directions in which they can go. Many people opt for new golf clubs because they have never been played and do not have the scuff marks and dings that can be found on used Wilson golf clubs. New golf clubs are more expensive and are popular with seasoned players who like to upgrade their older sets of clubs and know what they want. Veteran players can take advantage of the modern technology associated with newer golf clubs, whereas beginners take advantage of the savings associated with used clubs.

Golf does not have to be an expensive sport, and the many great deals on the used Wilson golf clubs available on eBay can save a golfer a good amount of money. A beginning golfer or a golfer who is still early in the learning stages of the game can expect to find a good set of used Wilson golf clubs for considerably less cost than that of a new set. Used golf club sets are also ideal for people who are just getting started and are not sure if they really enjoy playing the game and want to continue. Used clubs are also the choice of those who are playing golf to have fun while getting some exercise. To find listings of used or new golf clubs on eBay, the shopper can use the 'Condition' filter that helps narrow down the search results.

What to Look For in Wilson Golf Clubs

Regardless of whether one wants to purchase a new or used set of Wilson golf clubs on eBay, there are some things to take into consideration. It is advisable for a player to visit with a professional golfer at the local club to get measured for a set of golf clubs. Once the golfer knows what clubs fit his height and swing type, he can use that information to find the right set on eBay. For the majority of players, standard lie angle clubs and shaft lengths do just fine. However, individuals who are shorter or taller or have a unique golf stance that calls for a lie angle that is more upright for taller players and flatter for shorter players.

When considering used Wilson golf clubs on eBay, the prospective buyer should be sure to inspect the pictures of the clubs provided on the listing to look for signs of damage to the club face. Nicks and scuffs on the sole or heel of the club are cosmetically unpleasant, but they seldom affect the playability of the club, so great deals can be found on clubs that are heavily used but still have considerable golf life left in them. As long as the face of the club and grooves are in decent shape, one can expect the club to perform well. Many sellers rate clubs as being in excellent or good condition, but if the photos do not give a good representation of the clubs' condition, the buyer should contact the seller prior to the sale for more information or photographs and even an opportunity to look at the golf clubs in person. 

Individual Golf Clubs vs. Complete Set

One can avail of a variety of options on eBay to obtain either a complete set of golf clubs or an individual golf club to complete a golf set or replace a damaged or lost club. A variety of club types makes up a complete set, and each type can be purchased separately as well. When looking for a golf club on eBay, the prospective buyer can filter the listings on the basis of the type of club, brand, shaft material, and even dexterity and gender, among other criteria. This makes it easy for a golfer to find exactly what he needs to improve his game.

Club Type


Driver Drivers are the longest and largest clubs in the bag; used almost exclusively from the tee box to hit the initial drive; hits the ball farther than any other club in the bag
Fairway Wood Fairway Woods are used to play from the fairway when there is still a considerable amount of distance left to the green; used mainly after the drive on Par 5 holes or to tee off on long Par 3 holes
Hybrids Hybrids are a cross between a fairway wood and an iron, having the best qualities of both; the head is larger than an iron, which instills confidence in the player at address; can shape the shot much better than a fairway wood and is longer-hitting than an iron
Iron Irons are the main club used on approach shots from the fairway; frequently used on Par 4's where the drive has landed in the fairway and can be reached by an iron rather than a fairway wood; shorter but more accurate than woods or hybrids
Wedge Wedges come in different forms, from pitching wedges to sand wedges; very specialised club used around the green; has the highest loft of all club types and hits the ball the highest but shortest distance; can be used from the fairway on short approach shots when the green is not reached by a wood or iron
Putter Putters are used almost exclusively on the green; putters softly strike the ball and roll it towards the hole; can also be used from the fringe around the green by better players
Many players can take advantage of the various types of clubs available to improve their game. A player can add a certain wedge for shots that he frequently faces, or he can purchase a hybrid that can be used from the fairway or the rough. Or a new Wilson putter might be just the ticket to helping a player enjoy a game much more.

How to Buy Wilson Golf Clubs on eBay

Whether you have decided to upgrade your set of golf clubs to a newer and more advanced set or you just want to get started in golf with the purchase of a used set, the powerful search tools available on eBay make it easy to find what you need. Begin your search by navigating to the eBay home page and entering a keyword such as " Wilson golf clubs" into the search box. A list of available clubs is displayed, and you can select from various subcategories to narrow the search results to exactly what you are looking for. If you are interested in a single club such as wedge or a hybrid, you can enter that description into the search box, and eBay returns all the applicable listings.


Golf is a relaxing game that anyone can enjoy, regardless of age or skill level. It is the understanding that players do not have to be great at the game to enjoy it that makes golf all the more appealing. If one is looking to improve one's skill at golf, then the right set of new or used Wilson golf clubs can go a long way towards getting the most out of the time spent on a golf course. Finding the right golf clubs at great prices is easy to do, thanks to the powerful shopping tools available on eBay. Shoppers can avail of the website's network of sellers to find exactly what they are looking for, at reasonable prices. 
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