How to Buy Xenon Lights on eBay

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How to Buy Xenon Lights on eBay

An increasing number of car owners recognise the numerous benefits of purchasing xenon gas powered car lights. The use of xenon gas has created a brighter, longer burning car light that attracts both long haul over-the-road truckers and people who only use the lights during morning and evening commutes. Consumers can find a wide selection of brand name xenon car lights of myriad sizes on eBay, one of the leading ecommerce sites. By properly using eBay's search engine, xenon car light buyers can reduce the time spent during the buying process. Before heading to eBay, take the time to receive an overview of xenon car lights, learn about the car light characteristics, remember the important buying factors, and understand why xenon car lights are superior to halogen or LED car lights.

Xenon Car Light Overview

High-intensity discharge (HID) represents the technical term for light that emanates from an electric arc. The automotive version of HID are called xenon headlights, since xenon gas passes through the electric arc. Xenon gas slowly builds light at first, and then the gas rapidly speeds up the warm-up process. Argon gas, which is commonly used for stationary HID lamps, does not speed the warm-up process fast enough for cars to enter traffic. Xenon car lights utilise a small, specially designed metal halide lamp that produces much more light than regular incandescent light bulbs. Car owners looking for xenon gas HIDs should recognise a distinct bluish tint, instead of the yellowish hue of other car headlights.

The electric arc receives its intense burning from metallic salts that vapourise in the arc chamber. Manufacturers produce xenon gas car lights for significantly amplifying the light that derives from the super high intensity discharge of electricity between two tungsten electrodes. Shoppers on eBay must confirm that any seller who claims to offer xenon headlights mentions the tungsten electrodes. When a rapid increase in voltage causes the electricity to arc from one tungsten electrode to the other, the metallic salts instantly vanish into the air. The vapourisation produces one of the brightest light beams from all light sources, which can be a problem when driving in rural areas at night.

Xenon Car Light Technical Characteristics

Xenon headlight bulbs create anywhere from 2,800 to 3,000 lumens from 42 watts of electricity. In comparison, halogen bulbs only produce between 700 and 2,100 lumens powered by up to 65 watts. The increase in xenon gas powered light allows car manufacturers to construct smaller headlight frames to fit the smaller lamps. The extra space provides car manufacturers with more flexibility to expand the grill or enhance the car exterior decor. Make sure any eBay seller under consideration mentions the lumen count on the seller's product page. Truck manufacturers tend to construct larger headlight frames to fit larger headlights that beam stronger light beams. The enlarged frames work best for truckers who often travel at night in the remote regions of Australia.

Comparison of Xenon, Halogen, and LED Car Lights

Automobile light buyers have three primary light sources to choose from when they purchase a new car or simply buy replacement lights on eBay. The increase in popularity of xenon lights has not rendered halogen and LED lights obsolete. In fact, eBay shoppers should be aware that each type of car light has advantages and disadvantages. The following chart lists the advantages and disadvantages of each light source.

Light Source




Long lifespan

Available in wide variety of dimensions

Bright Illumination

Energy inefficient

Requires above average maintenance


Longer lifespan than halogen lights

Uses less power than halogen

Provides excellent visibility during rainy and foggy conditions

Lower maintenance costs

Can cause glare for oncoming traffic

Highest cost


Low energy consumption

Small size, bright illumination

Low power generation

Creates high temperatures around frame

Consumers who operate on tight budgets may not be able to afford the most expensive car light: xenon. However, after reviewing the pros and cons of installing xenon lights on an automobile, it is apparent that paying more money for xenon car lights pays off with an extended lifespan and lower maintenance costs. Therefore, consumers can expect to save money over the long term.

How to Buy Xenon Lights

Vehicle owners follow many of the same steps for buying xenon gas headlights as they do for any other type of headlight. They must ensure quality, purchase the headlights in pairs, and decide whether to buy new or used xenon headlights. However, buying xenon car lights on eBay includes additional steps in the buying process.

Ensure Quality

While xenon headlights sit in the upper echelon of car light quality, manufacturers vary in their construction approaches. Xenon car lights may appear similar, but a closer look demonstrates that manufacturers integrate different materials. eBay buyers should want xenon headlight materials to withstand the rigours of travel, as well as withstand weather elements. There is disagreement over what represents the highest-quality material, but anodised aluminium appears to possess both functional and aesthetic advantages over other types of materials.

Understand the difference between OEM and aftermarket xenon headlights. The original manufacturer, such as Ford or Nissan produces OEM xenon lights, and many car experts recommend buying OEM headlights to ensure compatibility. Nonetheless, aftermarket xenon headlights constructed by a competing brand name manufacturer may seamlessly work with the car's electrical system. Aftermarket parts typically cost less than OEM parts, so consumers should not completely disregard them. Perhaps the most important quality assurance factor is the presence of the "E" stamp on the xenon. Next to the "E" should be a number that designates where testers approve the "E" rating.

Buy in Pairs

Car owners should replace headlights bought on eBay in pairs. When one xenon car light goes out, car owners can expect the second one to burn out shortly thereafter. Manufacturers try to produce xenon car lights that expire simultaneously, especially headlights and fog lights. Xenon brake, tail, and side lights can usually be replaced individually, as the remaining light provides enough energy for driver detection. Replacing xenon car light in pairs also eliminates the risk of losing light strength in rural parts of the country.

New vs. Used

Anyone who considers buying used xenon headlights on eBay should search for sellers who clearly state how many hours the used bulbs have burned. Every xenon car light produced lists the expected lifespan of the light. Some eBay sellers may bundle used xenon car lights with other car parts and accessories. However, saving money on used xenon headlights can backfire when the lights unexpectedly burn out at the worst possible time. Most car owners should consider buying new xenon car lights on eBay for peace of mind.

How to Buy Xenon Car Lights on eBay

After eBay returns a list of potential sellers from a xenon car light search, the next step is to play detective and examine each prospective seller's product page. Besides looking for lumen counts and the important "E" rating, you must also take a close look at the enlarged photograph of the car lights. The enlarged photo should display any imperfections that diminish light quality. Review each seller's accepted payment methods and delivery terms. If you want a quick delivery time, only consider sellers who live in Australia. eBay provides you with customer feedback that appears on every seller product page. Consider sellers who have compiled a perfect, or near perfect, record of positive customer feedback, preferably for selling vehicle parts and accessories. You can also find some of the best online deals by shopping on eBay.


Should car owners travel down the conservative road and stick with halogen and LED replacements, or does the car owner join the growing xenon car light movement? Xenon headlights burn brighter, last longer, and open up more space at the front of a car than car lights powered by halogen or LED filaments. Car owners should ensure any xenon car light available for purchase on eBay has received the "E" designation for quality. Always buy replacement car lights in pairs, since manufacturers construct all car lights to share the same product life. Finally, fork over a little extra cash for new xenon headlights bought on eBay. You never know when a used pair of xenon car lights runs out of gas.

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