How to Buy a Bedroom Set on eBay

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How to Buy a Bedroom Set on eBay

Bedroom sets allow a bedroom to have all of the storage space someone requires, in matching colours, styles and materials, resulting in a cosy, attractive bedroom. Although it may seem as simple as looking for a bedroom set that is easy on the eyes, there are a number of considerations that need to be made to ensure the most suitable type of bedroom set is purchased.

Fortunately, this guide will inform users of important considerations and how they will affect the purchase of bedroom sets. It will also advise users how they can use eBay to search amongst a huge range for the most suitable bedroom set, and buy them safely and at affordable prices.

Types of Bedroom Furniture

There are a large number of individual furniture types that can feature in a bedroom set. Each of these furniture types can feature as parts of a set. The number of types, and combination of types sold in a set vary.

· DrawsDraws vary in the number available with a chest. They sometimes feature more than one draw per room, or in one of the rows.

· WardrobeWardrobes are storage spaces where clothes can be hung along a rail using hangers. They can also feature shelves inside.

· Bedside CabinetBedside cabinets are small cabinets designed to reside at the side of a bed for items such as alarm clocks, lamps, and anything else someone would like to keep close to them while in bed. They can sometimes feature a draw, and generally have open space underneath.

· Desk - Desks can consist of simply a one shelved unit; some have draws, shelves and other compartments underneath. Vanity desks feature a mirror on top, sometimes with lighting features that surround it.

· Bed Base/FramesBed bases are simply a bed without a mattress. The back board sizes vary, and some bed frames come with posts and other special features.

· Shelves/Bookcases – Sometimes featured in bedroom sets are individual shelving units. These can vary in size.

· Built-in Storage – Built-in storage can be any of the above types of furniture all rolled into one and attached to the wall of a bedroom.

· Cabin Beds - Cabin beds are useful for fitting some of the above types of furniture in a compact fashion, within a bed frame, underneath the sleeping area.

Materials of Bedroom Sets

In most cases, bedroom sets are made from wood. It is the most practical material to use. There are however, a number of different types of wood, each with their own specifications, advantages and in some cases, disadvantages. Below is a list of different types of wood and information about each:

Type of Wood



Certain hardwood species are not hard enough to withstand heavy wear and tear and thus, are not recommended for flooring.


This variety of hardwood is finely grained and has a reddish brown colour. It is highly durable. Mahogany resists swelling, shrinking and warping. It is extensively used for quality furniture.


Walnut is a very strong and finely textured hardwood. It resists shrinking and warping and is very easy to work with.


Oak possesses good bending qualities in addition to its durability. It finishes well and resists moisture absorption. The hardwood is good for furniture.


Maple is a finely textured wood and has immense strength and hardness. It has moderate shrinkage.


This type of hardwood resists warping and shrinking. Cherry has a distinct feature of reddening when exposed to sunlight. It also ages well.


Rosewood is a hard wood variety with a dark reddish brown colour. It possesses an exclusive fragrance and is close grained. It is hard to work and takes high polish.


Teak is a hard and moisture-resistant. It resists warping, cracking and decay and is best used for fine furniture.


Shesham is a rich medium brown wood with deep grains. It is part of the rosewood family. The wood variety is highly durable, easily carved and is exclusively used for making furniture.


Softwood is a general term used for needle-leaved tree species and for the wood produced from those trees. They are often used as structural timber with limited decorative applications.


Pine possesses a uniform texture and is very easy to work with. It finishes well and resists shrinkage, swelling and warping. The wood variety is widely used in furniture.


This wood variety is lightweight and machines well. Hemlock is uniformly textured and has a low resistance to decay.


Fir is a wood variety with uniform texture and low resistance to decay. It works easy and finishes well.


Redwood is light in weight, durable and easy to work with. It has a natural resistance to decay and is good for making furniture.


Spruce is a strong wood variety that finishes well and has low resistance to decay. It possesses moderate shrinkage and is light in weight.


Cedar has a sweet smell and is reddish in colour. It is very easy to work with, uniform in texture and is resistant to decay. Cedar is extensively used in chest making.

Buying a Bedroom Set On eBay

This section will advise users how to find and purchase the most suitable bedroom set from eBay.

· Once considerations about wood type and what is desired within a set, select Home & Garden, then Furniture, Bedroom Furniture, and finally, Bedroom Sets, Suites. All bedroom sets will be available to browse within this category.

· Additional filters are offered to suit individual buying needs of a bedroom set. Filters such as Condition, for example, brand new, or new but never used, Location, for example, items being sold specifically within Australia, and Format, for example, bidding in an auction or buying instantaneously. These filters make buying simple and more convenient.

· Check out a seller of a bedroom set of interest. Look at their feedback statistics to ensure reliability. Read any feedback related to the purchase of bedroom sets to see if any other buyers had any problems with their purchase. If any further information is required about a bedroom set, contact the seller directly.

· Once committed to a buy, use PayPal for a secure and easy payment.

· Leave feedback once a bedroom set has been received. This will help future potential buyers with their buying decisions.

· Don’t forget to check out eBay Deals for additional offers and price reductions. Select the Home & Lifestyles category, and Bedroom.

· Be familiar with eBay’s terms and conditions, and any conditions that may be set out by the seller.


eBay offers a huge range of bedroom sets. They come in an array of materials and combinations to adhere to all individual requirements. Be sure about what material and furniture is needed before committing to a purchase. For example, an oak wood set that features an elegant bed frame, or a Maple wood set that features a vanity desk for a lady of leisure.

Bring desired specifications to an eBay search, and use their simple and clear categories to browse relevant items. For a more convenient purchase, utilize eBay’s fantastic range of additional filters, such as choosing the condition of a bedroom set, and price, including selecting a maximum price. Leave feedback on receipt and enjoy a cosy, matching bedroom.

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