How to Buy a Fender Guitar

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How to Buy a Fender Guitar

Buying a guitar can be an arduous process for new guitarists and old pros alike. There are always those individuals who know exactly what guitar they want and why, but most people have to do a lot of thinking and research before that point. If a buyer has decided that they want to purchase a Fender guitar, that’s one hurdle crossed, but he or she still has to decide on a number of other factors, such as model, colour and hardware.


Acoustic or Electric Fender Guitar?

Perhaps the first point on which buyers should decide is whether they want an electric or an acoustic fender guitar. An acoustic guitar has a large, hollow body and a sound hole. It amplifies the sound of the strings itself, so it doesn’t have to be plugged in (although Fender’s electro-acoustic guitars have the option of being plugged in, if the player desires). An electric guitar can’t amplify the sound of the strings itself, so it’s very quiet unless plugged into an amplifier. An electric guitar has one or more “pickup” which picks up the sound the strings make to amplify it. As a rule, anyone who wants to play heavier music, such as rock, punk, or metal, will definitely need an electric guitar. Whereas people who want to play folk or traditional blues will probably prefer an acoustic.


Fender Guitar Models

Once buyers know whether they want an electric or an acoustic, they’ll still need to pick out a precise model. Fender make many models of guitar, but these are amongst the most popular.


The stratocaster – commonly referred to as the strat – was amongst the first models of electric guitar Fender put into production in the 1950s. The classic double cutaway design is much replicated by other guitar companies, but you can’t beat the original. The strat is used by musicians from all musical genres, from jazz to indie to thrash metal.


The telecaster is another of Fender’s oldest and most classic designs, having been constantly in production since 1950. The telecaster has a single cutaway and a different shaped headstock from other Fender guitars. This versatile guitar can produce both warm and bright tones.


The Sonoran is one of Fender’s most popular acoustic guitars. This is an electro-acoustic, so it can be plugged into an amplifier for a bigger sound or while performing.


The Fender Jaguar was originally used in a lot of surf bands in the 1960s, but swiftly fell out of favour. However, it was popularised again in the 1990s, as Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain famously used Jaguars. Since then, the Jaguar has been popular with grunge, rock and indie musicians.


Fender Guitar Colours

Fender guitars can come in all kinds of colours, depending on the model. Starburst is a classic finish for a telecaster, but they also come in all kinds of other hues, from black to vintage-style off-white. Fender acoustics generally come with a bare wood finish, but this can be in light, medium, or dark wood, so there’s still a lot of variation. Jaguars are known for coming in cool and quirky colours, such as surf green, cherry red and sonic blue.


Fender Guitar Pickups

Another consideration buyers need to make before buying a Fender electric guitar is what kind of pickups they want their guitar to have. Fender generally come with one of two types of pickups: single coil pickups or humbuckers. Single coil pickups tend to give a brighter and clearer sound and are ideal for players who’ll be going with a clean tone. Humbuckers are dual coil pickups and tend to have a fuller and richer sound.


Buying a Fender Guitar on eBay

Once the buyer has decided exactly what kind of Fender guitar he or she wants to buy, making the purchase should be straightforward. It’s usually possible to find good deals on used and new Fender guitars on eBay, so it’s a good place to start the search. It’s easy to find a specific Fender guitar by typing a relevant query – such as “surf green Fender Jaguar” into the search bar at the top of the page and hitting the “Search” button. However, it’s also possible to browse through the available options by going to the Musical Instruments section, then selecting Guitars from the menu and clicking the link to the Fender Guitars section. From there, buyers can look at all the Fender guitars on offer.



When buying a new or used Fender guitar, buyers have some thinking to do before deciding exactly which instrument they want. However, once they’ve chosen the guitar they want to buy, eBay is an excellent place to get a bargain on their new purchase.

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