How to Buy a Flattering Top for a Pear Shape Figure

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How to Buy a Flattering Top for a Pear Shape Figure

Women follow many fashion rules to try to look their best. One of the easiest ways to dress attractively and find flattering tops is to consider the body type. Women with hips that are wider than their top half are referred to as having a pear shape figure.

Before shopping for a flattering top, make sure that the wearer has a pear shape figure. Then consider the design of the garment. It is also a good idea to look at colours, patterns, and the neckline. The top should be paired with an appropriate bottom to accentuate certain style features. Women can find flattering tops for their body shape in clothing and department stores, and online on retail sites like eBay where there are deals on tops every day.

Types of Body Shapes

Women come in a wide range of body shapes that can all be flattered by making the right fashion choices. Before buying a top, confirm that the wearer does have a pear shape. There are five basic types of body shape, described in the table below with examples of tops that are the most flattering.

Body Shape


Flattering Top


Wider bottom

Smaller shoulders






Wider at the middle




Inverted triangle

Wider at the shoulders

Narrow hips




Wider hips and shoulders

Narrow waist






Long, straight body

Scoop necks

Sweetheart neckline


Women with an hourglass or apple shape can sometimes mistake it for a pear shape, and vice versa. Pay close attention to the hips when compared to the shoulders to determine if they are larger, smaller, or the same size.

Types of Tops for a Pear Shape Figure

A number of different tops work well for a pear shape figure. These garments are all intended to draw the eye up the body. Some do this using elaborate necklines, while others have added decorative features or expose the shoulders. Consider wearing a broach or a beaded necklace to further accessorise the right top.

Belted Tops

Any belt can help to accentuate the small waist that is characteristic of the pear shape figure. Look for belted tops that have loops to hold the belt securely at the smallest part of the waist. A wide belt tends to work better than a narrow one.

Strapless or Sleeveless Tops

Strapless or sleeveless tops may not seem to be the most likely choice because they have fewer decorative features. However, these tops show off more of the arms, neckline, and shoulders, which draws the eye up and creates a bold, confident look. The exposure of more skin makes the upper half of the body seem larger, and draws attention away from the hips.

Fitted Tops

Fitted tops look great on most body types. They are not baggy, so they do not hide the figure. Instead, they give definition to the waist, bust, and shoulders. This definition highlights the waist and draws the eye to the best features of the pear shape.

Empire Tops

An empire top has a waist that rests just under the bust line. This high waist can be helpful for a pear shape figure because the area just under the bust tends to be the narrowest part of the body.

Ruffled Tops

Ruffled tops are great piece to have in the wardrobe. These tops have pleats gathered in various parts that can highlight the chest, arms, and neckline.

Smock Top

A smock top is a loose fitting garment that can have a close fitting top half. The lower half of the top skims over the hips. Choose an eye-catching print to make the design more flattering for a pear shape.


In addition to ordinary tops, consider using a jacket to enhance the outfit. Short jackets that end just at the waist or a long jacket that goes beyond the waist are the most flattering styles. Any other types draw unwanted attention to the wider hips. Consider fitted jackets with large lapels or details in the top half to draw attention upwards.

Necklines for a Flattering Top for a Pear Shape

Pay close attention to the neckline of the top as this can influence how flattering it is. Certain necklines work better for the pear shape figure than others.

Boat Neck

The boat neck is a wide, shallow neckline in the shape of an oval. It exposes more of the neck and shoulders to highlight the upper body.

Square Neck

The square neckline is a wide, box shape. This works well to create a definite line at the collarbone to draw the eye up in a similar way to the boat neck.

Cowl Neck

The cowl neck has a wide, flowing piece of fabric that drapes around the collar. This top provides more coverage, but still draws attention with its elaborate detail.

Features of a Flattering Top for a Pear Shape Figure

Most fashion experts recommend that women with pear shape figures should wear clothing that minimises the hips and draws the eye up towards the chest, shoulders, and head. Clothing can be used in this way to trick the viewer into seeing the pear shape as more balanced. Use accessories and other garments to highlight the top of the body.

A flattering top for a pear shape figure is usually a light colour or patterned. Pair it with dark, wide leg pants to balance the hips. Women should also consider accentuating their best assets, such as the shoulders, torso, or a flat waist. Belted tops are great for the woman with a flat tummy or narrow waist. Tops with ruffles that draw the eye upwards are also flattering. Long tops that accentuate the shoulders and neck while hiding or minimising the hips work well. For example, A-line tops are great for camouflaging the hips, while strapless tops draw attention to the shoulders.

Women with pear shape figures can accessorise the top with a pair of nude shoes or pointy toed styles to help elongate the legs. Also, consider using a skirt with a wide hem to balance the hips.

Buying a Flattering Top for a Pear Shape Figure on eBay

Use the eBay search engine to find a flattering top for a pear shape figure. Enter keywords into the search box at the top of any page on the site. Use general terms, like "V-neck top" or more specific terms, like "black cotton V-neck top". eBay also provided filters to search for a particular price range or condition. Read the item description carefully before buying the top.

Seller Feedback

When buying any clothing on eBay, take the time to get to know the seller. Check the seller's feedback by clicking on the seller's name. This takes you to a page displaying all of the feedback from previous buyers. This feedback, together with the seller's rating, helps buyers to find reliable sellers that provide great products.


To buy flattering tops for a pear shape figure, consider the features of the body type. Pear shapes have wider hips and narrower upper bodies. There are tops that can be used to accentuate the best features, such as the small waist. This means that the curvy hips can be very attractive when balanced with the right flattering top.

Tops that highlight the waist, chest, shoulders, and neck are often the best styles for a pear shape figure. Look for belted tops and empire lines that draw attention to the waist or further upwards. Wear ruffled or cowl neck tops to highlight the collarbone and the upper body. Flattering tops for a pear shape figure can be bought from a range of sellers on eBay.

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