How to Buy a Full Suspension Mountain Bike on eBay

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How to Buy a Full Suspension Mountain Bike on eBay

Although mountain biking has not been a popular sport for as long as some other types of recreation, in recent years, it has gained many devout followers, both hobbyists and competitors. Of course, as with many recreational activities, it does require its own equipment, the most important of which is a mountain bike. Because rocky terrain and steep inclines are much more demanding than city streets, a specially designed mountain bike is key to an enjoyable experience. Many mountain biking enthusiasts find that a full suspension mountain bike is the best way to navigate mountain trails. Buying a full suspension mountain bike on eBay can be an efficient and affordable way to add a new bike to a collection or to begin a mountain biking hobby from scratch. Before buying a full suspension mountain bike, consumers should confirm their need for the bike, consider buying used, and know about the mountain bike accessories.

Confirm the Need for Full Suspension

When shopping for a full suspension mountain bike, it is a good idea to ensure that this type of bike is actually the best choice. There are two common types of mountain bikes, full suspension and hardtail, and each has its own benefits as well as drawbacks. Because these two types of bikes also come at different price points, it is essential that a determination be made as to which is the best choice before making a purchase. This determination also makes it easier to search through bikes on eBay, since they are generally labelled as either one type or the other in the item description.

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes vs. Hardtail Mountain Bikes

A full suspension mountain bike is the best choice for advanced riders who want to be comfortable on their ride, even over rocky terrain. Full suspension mountain bike frames are actually made up of two pieces, a front triangle and a back triangle, that are connected in the middle by a joint that can pivot. This makes riding over rocky terrain and controlling the bike down steep hills much easier and more comfortable. However, full suspension mountain bikes are also generally more costly. Hardtail bikes are more similar to road bikes in that the frame is a single piece. Because these bikes do not have the same flexibility, it can be more difficult, and even painful, to ride over some particularly harsh terrain on this type of bike. On the other hand, hardtail mountain bikes are also generally less expensive and lighter, meaning that they can go faster.

Be sure to assess the priorities of the bike's potential rider when comparing the two types of bikes. For some, speed is key, while for others, comfort and control may be more important. On eBay, it is easy to compare two bikes in the same price bracket, one hardtail and one full suspension, and determine which may be a better fit for any individual rider's lifestyle and budget.

Compare Travel

For riders who decide they prefer to purchase a full suspension mountain bike, it is also important to compare what is known as the bike's travel. The travel refers to how much the bike's suspension moves when going over rocks, bumps, and other obstacles. The following chart describes the most common travel indications on a mountain bike.

Type of Travel

Measurement (mm)

Used For



Dirt jumping

Short travel

38 to 50

Cross country

Mid travel

100 to 150

Mountain biking

Long travel

200 to 230

Downhill racing

Clearly the amount of travel necessary for any bike depends on which type of riding is intended. Be sure to evaluate the needs of the rider, and then search on eBay for a bike with suspension travel that matches those needs.

Shop by Brand

There are many reputable mountain bike brands in Australia and around the world. One of the nice features of eBay is that the filters allow shoppers to search by brand. This means, when someone is looking at an eBay results pages, after having searched for full suspension mountain bikes, he or she can also filter by brand. As with any investment item, some people may have had good or bad experiences with certain brands, and therefore, want to use that knowledge during their search. Some of the most popular and trusted mountain bike brands include Fuji mountain bikes, Felt bikes, and Yeti bikes.

Consider Used Mountain Bikes

Some shoppers may not immediately consider purchasing a used mountain bike. However, going this route can prove a very economical choice by allowing the shopper to get a deal on a mountain bike. A used mountain bike that has been properly maintained may still have a long life ahead of it. On eBay, both new mountain bikes and used models are available for purchase. When shopping specifically for a used mountain bike, simply filter for those marked "used". Be sure to closely examine the listing for any pre-existing damage or repairs that may need to be performed before completing the purchase.

Use Geographical Shopping

A full suspension mountain bike, even on the light end, can be quite heavy and bulky to ship. Not only can this present difficulties for the seller, but it can mean a significant shipping charge for the buyer. Use the eBay geographical search feature to browse listings that are located near the buyer. In most instances, sellers are happy to arrange a pickup or drop off, which means no shipping costs for the buyer. This can make a big difference in staying within one's budget.

Do Not Forget Mountain Bike Accessories

Another reason to buy a full suspension mountain bike from eBay is that, in addition to the bikes themselves, virtually any mountain biking accessory that a rider may need is also available on the site. Some mountain bike accessories are nearly as important as the bike. For instance, no mountain biking excursion should ever be undertaken without a proper helmet. Other useful gear may include water bottles, bicycle lights, cycling shoes, or even replacement bicycle parts. Remember that many sellers have multiple listings, so it may be possible to buy both the accessories and the bike from one location.

How to Buy a Full Suspension Mountain Bike on eBay

Once you have compared the variety of mountain bikes that eBay sellers have to offer, eventually it is time to choose the best one for your needs. It is important, before completing your transaction, that any and all questions you have about the bike are adequately answered. While the descriptions in the product listings are generally quite detailed, there still may be more you want to know about the mountain bike in question. Use the efficient eBay interface to contact the seller of the item with any concerns before going through with the purchase. Once you are quite certain that you have found the bike you want, it is easy to complete the transaction and arrange the shipment of your new full suspension mountain bike.


With a bit of forethought and comparison shopping, finding a full suspension mountain bike on eBay should not be too difficult. It is important to consider the individual needs of the rider before purchasing any type of mountain biking equipment, including the bike, itself. This means, taking into consideration the type of riding that the rider intends to do, his or her height and size, and also the shopper's budget. Keeping these details in mind when searching for a mountain bike on eBay is the best way to have a pleasant shopping experience that ends in a satisfying purchase. Because eBay is able to list items from sellers across the country and even around the world, it is that much more likely that the perfect full suspension mountain bike is waiting to be purchased.

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