How to Buy a Good Electric Guitar

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How to Buy a Good Electric Guitar

Since their invention in the 1930s, electric guitars have become common instruments in jazz, blues, rock and roll, country, and many other genres of music. To the untrained eye, electric guitars of distinct levels of quality and those meant for various types of music may look similar, but the differences can be substantial. In recent decades, the number of companies making electric guitars, and the number of styles each company makes has greatly increased, making the process of choosing the right one even more difficult.


Basics of Buying an Electric Guitar

It’s important to consider the desires and abilities of the person who will use the guitar. One way to start is to find out what type of guitar their favourite musician plays. For kids, smaller-sized electric guitars are available.


Types of Pickups on Electrics Guitars

These are the little boxes, often black, that sit beneath the strings on an electric guitar. Pickups appear to be small features of a guitar, but they are crucial. They’re the parts that detect the vibrations of the strings and send it to the amp to be played at higher volume for an audience. There are two main types of pickups for electric guitars:

Single Coil

Single coil pickups produce a clear, clean, bright sound best suited for indie rock, country, and electric blues.


Humbucker pickups were designed to eliminate the humming sound that can occur with single coil pickups. They work by having two coils side by side. Instead of clarity, humbuckers create a more powerful, heavier guitar tone. This sound is ideal for music that utilises distortion or overdrive, such as punk, hard rock, and metal. Some guitars have a switch that allows a guitarist to alternate between single coil and humbucker pickups.


Types of Wood Used to Construct Electric Guitars

The type of wood used in a guitar has a great effect on the sound the instrument makes. Here are the most common types of wood used in crafting electric guitars, and the sounds they produce.


Type of Wood



This hard, dense wood is often used for the fret board or the entire neck of an electric guitar, creating a bright tone.


This is a strong type of wood that resonates powerfully with sustained notes, but it’s not particularly hard, giving it a mellow tone.


Ash is both hard and resonant, generating brightness in tone. It’s primarily used to form the body of a guitar.


When used to make the body of a guitar, it causes the instrument to be too heavy for most guitarists, but the hardness and density of rosewood makes for excellent fret boards.


Brands that Sell Good Electric Guitars

There are many companies that now sell good electric guitars. Here are two of the brands most respected by professional musicians.



This is the maker of the guitars played by Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Brian Wilson and numerous other rock legends. The Stratocaster model guitar is used in pop, jazz and soul, along with rock and other genres. Fender’s other signature guitar is the Telecaster, which has been made in several variations and allows a guitarist to switch between pickups placed on the bridge or neck, allowing a wider range of musical styles.



Gibson is one of the oldest makers of electric guitars. It is known for its hollow-body electric guitars as well as the famous Les Paul. Gibson sells guitars under other brand names as well, including Kramer, Steinberger and Epiphone. Duane Allman, Chet Atkins, Jeff Beck and Chuck Berry were all prominent Gibson players.


How to Buy a Good Electric Guitar on eBay

Whether buying a new instrument or a vintage electric guitar, there are both major retailers and individual sellers on eBay. Seller ratings are provided by eBay to let buyers be sure that buyers purchase from a vendor with a reputation for selling exactly the product they describe in their ad. This is crucial especially when shopping for vintage guitars that are said to be in a certain condition. The links in this guide provide starting points for finding the right electric guitar. The sidebar on the left of each page offers additional criteria to narrow down a search, such as specific makes and models of guitars.



Whether a person is moving up from a beginner’s electric guitar to a higher quality and more personalised version or is buying a gift for a friend or family member, choosing an instrument that is capable of producing a polished and professional sound can be daunting. Following these pointers should make the process a lot smoother.

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