How to Buy a Kindle Fire HD

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How to Buy a Kindle Fire HD

The Kindle Fire HD is Amazons' long awaited answer to the iPad. A compact, easy to use and high quality tablet, there are many different reasons to invest in a Kindle Fire HD. A low cost product that offers quality assurance whilst running off an Android operating system, the Kindle Fire HD rivals the Apple's iPad as well as offering an alternative option to the consumer.

With a variety of different places to purchase a Kindle Fire HD, ranging from high street speciality stores to auction sites like eBay, the device is accessible. This guide offers practical advice on how to buy a Kindle Fire HD.

Overview of the Kindle Fire HD Features

Operating System


Screen Resolution

1280 x 800 resolution

Screen Size

7 inch touch screen


1 G


16 GB – note that there is no memory slot to add additional memory.


Custom Dolby audio and dual driver stereo speakers


HD camera located at the front of the table

Battery Life

Up to 11 hours, typically 8 hours.


193 x137 x10.3 mm thick


395 g

The Benefits of Owning a Kindle Fire HD

A unique device, the tablet is designed to be intuitive making it easy to use as well as stylish. Some of the benefits of the tablet are outlined below.

Mobile Broadband

With the option of connecting to the internet (Wi-Fi, wireless broadband), the Kindle Fire HD allows the user to stay connected wherever they are. Information is available at the tap of a finger. This includes keeping in contact with friends and family via email, social networking and skype.


The slim design of the tablet allows it to be easily transportable. Light and small, the Kindle Fire HD can fit into most personal bags, tablet bags and handbags.


With adequate storage to house music, television shows and films, as well as apps for social media the tablet can provide hours of entertainment. Not only that, but the custom dolby audio and dual driver stereo speakers and high screen resolution, the quality of image and sound is exceptional for the size of the device.

Buying Considerations

Before making the purchase it is vital to make sure that the product is exactly what you need and want. This can be done by addressing the following questions and will ensure the right purchase is made.

  • What will the tablet be used for? It is important to understand that the tablets specs and features will affect the performance. By having a realistic overview of what you are hoping to use the Kindle Fire HD for, this will enable you to use it to its fullest potential and stop you from making the wrong purchase.
  • Cost. The Kindle Fire HD is considerably cheaper than other tablets available on the market. This makes it not only an affordable option but good value for money. Be sure to include incidental costs like postage when setting your budget.
  • Warranty. Does the table come with a warranty? This will protect the device in the unlikely event of an accident or theft.
  • Protection. Does the device come with security protection? Although this will not affect the actual physical tablet, it will stop the device from being bugged or hacked.
  • Accessories. With a range of different bespoke accessories for the product, it is possible to enhance the Kindle Fire HD with additions likeprotective cases,connecting cables or wireless keyboard. Not only that, but the range of different colours, patterns and designs for these accessory products enable you to create a tablet that truly reflects your personality.

How to Buy a Kindle Fire HD on eBay

A leader in its field, eBay is a simple, safe and secure auction site that cares for both its sellers and buyers. It is easy to navigate, taking the buyer through the process with easy to follow instructions. The first step in purchasing a product on eBay is to search for the desired item. This can be done a number of different ways including:

· Keyword search using the keyword search bar located at the top of every page.

Each search will collate all available products onto one page for the buyer to browse at their leisure. This list can be advanced further by using the categories outlined on the left hand panel on the page. Once a product is chosen, it is possible to purchase using PayPal or a credit or debit card. All options are safe and secure. The item will then be shipped to the designated address ready for immediate use.


Buying a Kindle Fire HD has never been easier. eBay's comprehensive site allows the user to browse and purchase from the comfort of their own home. The only thing left to do is wait for the product to arrive on the doorstep.

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