How to Buy a Lace Dress for a Night Out

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How to Buy a Lace Dress for a Night Out

Lace has been around for centuries. Lace dresses are versatile and can be worn for an elegant or romantic look on a girls' night out. The fabric can be knitted or crocheted, knotted, woven, or manufactured using special methods, such as cutwork or bobbin lace. Most lace dresses are machine made using synthetic fibres, such as nylon.

When buying a lace dress for a night out, several factors should be taken into account. First, buy the right dress style for the wearer's body type; different cuts are flattering for different body types. Next, choose a colour and decide how much skin to show. Finally, consider buying new accessories to finish off the look. Lace dresses are available from clothing and department stores, and online from eBay.

Consider Key Factors when Buying a Lace Dress for a Night Out

When buying a lace dress for a night out, first consider the body type of the wearer. Next, think about the length of the dress, the sleeve length, and the colour.

Body Types for a Lace Dress

Body types fall into a number of different categories and are identified according to proportions, not size. The hourglass figure is considered the most balanced body type, with shoulders and hips that are similar in width and a defined waist for natural curves. Those that do not have balanced proportions can use clothing to create certain illusions, for example, vertical lines can create the illusion of height. The table below lists and describes common body types and the dress styles that work best for each of them.

Body Type


Dress Type


Straight up and down

Little definition between the bust, waist, and hip measurements

Sheaths and shifts for a classic look

Backless and strapless

Empire waist and A-line create curves



Full hips and buttocks

Smaller on top

Open-neck, strapless dresses draw the eye up

Full A-line skirts hide the hips

Empire waist accentuates a small waist


Full bust and hips

Defined waist


Wraps and sheaths accentuate the figure

Fitted or adjustable waist


Rounded shape

Sloping shoulders

Narrowest point at the rib cage, above the natural waist

Empire waist draws the eye up

Detailed neck

Full skirts and A-line shifts create an illusion of balance and curves

Full bust

Bust fuller than the hips and buttocks

V-necks and halters for a slimming effect

Avoid high necklines

A-line, full skirt, and details at the hem provide balance by focussing on the lower half

Many women fall into more than one category of body type, with some features from one and some from another. If this is the case, experiment with different styles to find the right look. Remember to use the cut of the dress to accentuate the wearer's best features. For example, choose a strapless dress to draw focus to the neck and shoulders.

Length of a Lace Dress

Shorter women should consider dresses that end above the knee and pair them with shoes in the same colour to create the illusion of longer legs. They should avoid colour blocks that create lines that make them look shorter. The right flattering colour can have a lengthening effect. Those that do not think that their legs are their best feature should choose lace dresses with mid calf or long skirts. Mid-calf dresses make the legs look longer, especially when worn with knee high boots. The overall effect adds height and makes the legs look slimmer.

Sleeve Lengths for a Lace Dress

The type of sleeves of a lace dress can affect the wearer's look. Those that do not have toned upper arms or feel uncomfortable with this part of the body should avoid sleeveless and cap-sleeve lace dresses. Instead, choose three-quarter sleeves that end below the elbow or a flutter sleeve.

Colour of a Lace Dress

The colour of the lace dress should suit the wearer's complexion and colouring. Take skin tone, eye colour, and hair colour into consideration. Choose a colour that is flattering and does not make the eyes or skin appear dull and lifeless. For example, women with red hair should avoid pink lace dresses, as this tends to be an unflattering combination. Also, choose a colour that is appropriate to the occasion. For example, choose darker or more subtle colours for night time or work-related events.

Dress for the Occasion

The style of the lace dress should be appropriate for the occasion. If the night out is in a formal setting, choose a dress that does not show an inappropriate amount of skin. In these settings, strapless dresses are acceptable, but micro minis with layered skirts that show off the legs are less appropriate. Also avoid wearing a dress that is too tight. This is the perfect occasion for a more classic and elegant look where the romance of lace can be shown off.

If the dress is intended for a night out with the girls that involves bar hopping and clubbing, choose a fun cut that allows the wearer to express her individuality. One of the most important aspects of looking good is feeling comfortable. Avoid dresses that expose too much for the wearer's comfort or that are too tight. Confidence is more attractive than fidgeting; the wearer should be able to wear the lace dress without the urge to hide.

Wear the Right Underwear

Take the undergarments worn with the dress into account when choosing the cut. If necessary, buy a strapless bra when wearing a lace dress that has a single see-through layer at the shoulders. If the wearer plans to wear shapewear with the dress, consider the length and type of undergarments. For example, control pants may show when wearing a lace dress with a single layer of lace in the side or part of the front panel.

Accessorise the Lace Dress

Accessories for a lace dress should be chosen with care. Lace is a very ornate fabric, with patterns woven into or cut out of the fabric. Over accessorising detracts from the detail and beauty of the dress. Choose plain jewellery that does not overpower the outfit. Wear a delicate necklace or bracelet for an elegant, romantic look. Alternatively, be brave and leave skin bare.

Similarly, bags and shoes should be chosen with care. Ensure that the items paired with the dress for the night out complement the look. Choosing simple designs and plain colours lets the dress stand out. When choosing accessories, take the nature of lace into account. It is delicate and snags easily. Avoid anything with sharp edges.

Buying a Lace Dress for a Night Out on eBay

eBay is the perfect place to shop for a lace dress, with a wide selection of styles and designs available at competitive prices. To find the perfect dress for a night out, type a search phrase, for example "black A-line lace dress", into the search bar, which can be found on every page, to see the items available. Narrow your results by choosing the most suitable category and item features. Do not forget to visit eBay Deals for great bargains on lace dresses.

Always check the item listing page to learn all you can about the listing and the seller before buying. Click on an individual listing to view this page. Read the seller's feedback from previous buyers to get an idea of his or her reliability.


A lace dress is the perfect option for a night out. These dresses never go out of fashion and can be sexy or elegant, depending on the style and cut. Choose a design that matches the wearer's body type. The wearer should look balanced in the dress. In addition, choose a cut that accentuates the wearer's best features while drawing the eye away from those she wants to hide.

Lace dresses can be quite skimpy. Take care when deciding how much skin to show, taking the wearer's comfort and the occasion into account. As lace is an intricate fabric with a lot of detail, choose accessories with care. They should not detract from the beauty of the dress. Lace dresses for a night out can be found on eBay.

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