How to Buy a Manual Wheelchair

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When buying a Manual Wheelchair you need to consider the following points

What Size Is the Wheelchair?
A too small wheelchair can cause various problems especially discomfort and even pressure issues if use is continued the standard size is 46cm or 18” and most people will fit this chair. If they are a large person it is better to go for a bariatric chair as wheelchairs are also weight rated which you also need to consider.
A wheelchair that is too big isn't as much of an issue, you can always use a cushion or cushions to help the wheelchair fit the client better, the only time this doesn't apply would be when it's a child’s chair and they want to be able to self-propel if the frame is too wide they will hardly be able to reach the push rims on the wheels to push the wheelchair.

Do you need Transit or Standard Manual Wheelchair?
If the client does not need to be able to push themselves and you will not have to push them over a curbs or anything like that you can use a Transit wheelchair.
For easier pushing and for the client to be able to push themselves you need a standard wheelchair with 24" wheel.

Will The Wheelchair Fit In Your Car?
If you need to take the wheelchair out of the house and in a car it needs to be able to fold, it is often advisable to get Quick Release wheels so that the wheels can be popped off and then the Wheelchair frame is lighter to lift and easier to stow in the boot of a car.

Will a Basic Wheelchair Meet Your Needs?
A basic wheelchair is an off the shelf wheelchair Ideally suited to those who can still walk themselves but tire easily or need help getting form a to b when out and about.
If you need a wheelchair for use nearly every day or will be using it over long periods of time a basic wheelchair probably isn't going to suit and it is best to consult a health care professional such as an Occupational or physio therapist.

Will the Client want to use a Wheelchair?
Sometimes a Client may need to use a wheelchair but see it as giving in, and  they won’t use it until they realise that it is their independence that is being compromised.
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