How to Buy a Microphone for Your Laptop

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How to Buy a Microphone for Your Laptop

If a laptop owner wants to take advantage of modern communication software such as Skype, or maybe even try their hand at some online karaoke, they'll need a good microphone. The microphone operates directly with a sound card via a USB or designated microphone port, and there is no shortage of microphone variations available. As a leading laptop accessories retailer, shoppers are sure to find a range of laptop microphone offers on eBay.


When entering the market for a laptop microphone it isn't as simple as just buying one. The laptop itself needs to be taken into consideration, especially the input and operating system it features. All laptops that can use microphones will have one or more of the following inputs.

USB 2.0

The standard USB port and the most common microphone input on modern machines. Such is also used for wireless microphones when combined with a 2.4GHz transmitter.

USB 3.0

A high speed USB option that can offer increased quality and faster data transfer rates.

Microphone Input

The oldest form of input, yet still a feature on many modern laptops. Offers the slowest audio transfer rate and the poorest quality of sound. However, microphones with this connection tend to be more affordable than USB and Bluetooth offerings.


The easiest way to connect a wireless microphone to a laptop, however such technology isn't foolproof and can suffer drops in signal and interference issues.

Shoppers will want to find a microphone that works with their operating system, in order to ensure driver availability and compatibility. The following are the operating systems that can be used alongside laptop microphones.

  • Windows

· Apple OS X

  • Linux

Types of Microphone

There is more than one type of laptop microphone available; in fact there are five different options for shoppers to choose from. Each has their own preferred uses, and the following looks at each type of microphone in more detail.

Podcaster Microphone

Those looking to start their own podcast will be looking to acquire a podcaster microphone. A dynamic form of microphone that picks up ambient sounds, as well as the vocals of the person speaking in to it. It's a model that naturally places focus on recording spoken word rather than harmonic vocals.

Condenser Microphone

Offering superior frequency response and noise sensitivity, condenser microphones are commonly found in recording studios. They are perfect for home users who want to capture a pure and rich sound. They have a high level of sensitivity, which is why they are predominantly used to record vocals in acoustic environments.

Omnidirectional Microphone

Largely used for conference calls and interviews. An omnidirectional microphone is a versatile multi-pattern option that picks up sound from all angles. In general these microphones come filled with functions, and can capture all levels of sound with clarity and recording quality.


In the days of Skype and online gaming, headset microphones have become increasingly popular. They are perfect for those who want to encapsulate sound and block out exterior noise. They also have uses for those who want to take audio notes, and use programs that feature Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP).


As PC gaming, home music recording and web chatting continue to grow in popularity, so does the need for laptop microphones. This means that companies are constantly adding new microphone products to their product lines. Expect to find the following brand names in eBay's dedicated computer accessories section.

  • Samson
  • Trust
  • Blue
  • Kinobo
  • Speedlink
  • Behringer
  • Stageline
  • Chord
  • Plantronics
  • Neweer
  • Logitech

How to Buy a Laptop Microphone on eBay

The luxury of the laptop microphone market is that there is a large assortment of types to choose from. eBay offers more choice than any other retailer, with sellers worldwide putting models up for sale at all hours of the day and night. Shoppers can take the first step to finding the right microphone for their laptop by logging onto eBay. After landing on the homepage, select the Computers and Tablets category and the Headphones and Microphones subcategory. This will bring up all relevant listings.

Those who have a particular brand or model in mind can try using the keyword search bar found at the top of the page. Simply type in a search term (i.e. Samson microphone) to see a list of results related to such term. After finding a microphone of interest, choose to pay for it with PayPal, the world's leading online money transaction service. Choosing this method will guarantee the buyer maximum security should something untoward happen to the order.


Online communication now plays a big role in both the personal and working life of a lot of people. It makes sense to use an appropriate microphone for your laptop in order to improve sound input quality. This guide has taken an in-depth look at the types of microphones available. eBay has become a leading laptop accessories seller, meaning that an appropriate laptop microphone is never any more than a few clicks away.

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