How to Buy a Mixer

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How to Buy a Mixer

Some mixers are manufactured to handle specific duties while others are considered multi-purpose units. New mixer-users might want to start by determining their needs. Each type of mixer uses a different sized motor and specific blades, and includes different container sizes. Some don’t include a container at all and require the use of a separate mixing bowl.

Some of the most common ways that mixers are used are for making:

  • bread or pasta dough
  • sauces, cake, or other batter
  • fruit smoothies and other mixed beverages
  • salsa, chutney, jams, and dips

Some mixers can handle all of the above, while others can only handle light duties, such as blending beverages or sauces. Knowing the frequency the mixer will be used, as well as how it will be used, will help determine the most functional mixer for a household.


Types of Mixers

There are five primary types of mixers. Learning which ones specialise and which are multi-purpose will also aide in the purchasing decision.

Countertop Mixer

Countertop mixers are also called blenders by some manufacturers and include a few different parts. Each comes with a base that includes the motor, the power switch, and the blender’s speed selector. The other parts include the pitcher (container), its lid and the blade attachment.

Many of the new smaller countertop mixers include two blade attachments whereby one is used for regular mixing and the second blade, which is lower and closer to the base, is intended for chopping. The larger mixers can also perform the same duties but require more counter space.

Electric Hand Mixer

A hand-held mixer is most often used for mixing baked good ingredients. All electric hand mixers have a few different speeds to choose from, and the speed can be instantly changed, as needed. For example: the mixer can be set on low while flour is being slowly added to a bowl that contains other ingredients. With one small motion, the speed can be changed as the batter becomes thoroughly mixed. However, this is not the appliance to use for mixing heavy doughs, such as with breads and pastas. The two metal spiral-shaped blades are thin and can not handle dense mixtures. This mixer can not be used as a multi-purpose appliance.

Stick Mixer

Slim-line stick mixers are easy to store, clean, and use. They are best for making beverages, sauces and blending light ingredients, such as guacamole, pancake batter and mayonnaise. Many of the brands come with additional attachments to provide additional versatility, however, they are made for lighter jobs. Stick mixers can not be used for preparing heavy batters, bread or pasta doughs.

Food Processor Mixer

A food processor mixer is intended for a myriad of uses and is ideal for multiple purposes. They are great at pulverising, slicing, chopping, and mixing. Yet, the processor mixer isn’t the best appliance for finely chopping watery ingredients, such as tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, and onions. A food processor is intended to cut down the time it takes to slice and dice ingredients, as well as providing heavier mixing duties.

Heavy-duty Professional Mixer

Professional mixers are used by serious bakers and cooks. The unit is all one piece with the exception of the mixing bowl. Sometimes mixing bowls are included with the unit and some models are sold separately. The base connects to an electrically controlled mixing bowl platform that is intended to spin at various speeds during the mixing process. The mixing unit itself is connected to the top of the base and has several positions that are appropriate for both cleaning and mixing. The unit is heavy enough that it won’t topple over during the mixing process, which makes it the best choice for mixing bread and pasta doughs.


How to Buy a Mixer on eBay

Purchasing kitchen appliances should be the result of personal taste, projected use, and good information. Sellers offer a large variety of mixers and accessories, so the shopping experience will be efficient. Most items can be bought on auction, which can result in purchasing kitchen appliances at extremely low prices. Finding sellers that have the best rating and reviews is easy and gives buyers the confidence to know they are purchasing from a reputable purveyor. It is also prudent to review sellers’ shipping details, as some include shipping costs in their prices while others don’t. Reviewing this detail will help to compare prices accurately.

Shoppers who are looking for mixers should start their search in the Home Appliances category. From there, selections can be narrowed down within the Small Kitchen Appliances category. For additional beaters and hooks, interested buyers can check out the mixer accessories section.

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