How to Buy a Nail Gun on eBay

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How to Buy a Nail Gun on eBay

In the world of woodwork, nail guns are extremely popular largely due to the speed and efficiency that they offer as a power tool. They present an alternative to using a hammer, and are a no fuss way of putting nails into wood. A nail gun works off a piston that drives the nail into a surface at a high speed, meaning that it’s almost always permanently lodged into place.

Nail guns vary in cost, and to get one at an affordable price, eBay should be considered the number one website to visit. Their regular deals on DIY tools aren’t to be missed, and are sure to help stretch a shopper’s budget.

Types of Nail Gun

Before entering the marketplace for a nail gun, shoppers need to understand their own needs along with what types of nail guns are currently available. Above all else a nail gun should be able to perform what is asked of it.

Most nail guns run off the same base system, with the only differences being in how the pistons and firing pins operate. The following table looks at the three types of nail gun and what it is that they offer.

Driving Method


Butane Gas

Using a combustion chamber, a blend of gas and air (ignited by a spark) is used to deliver force through the nail gun. Easy to use, powerful, cordless and commonly found on building sites.

Electric Motor

Lightweight and versatile, an electric motor nail gun will be the preferred choice for many. It is battery operated, which means it isn’t necessarily as powerful as other nail gun variations.

Compressed Air

Commonly known as a pneumatic nail gun, in such units the air compressor remains permanently connected via a hose. They are the most basic form of nail gun available, something that its price reflects.

Those who don’t require regular use out of a nail gun should opt for something lighter. When more power is needed, look to buy something that is heavy duty.


Gauge is the main area in which a nail gun shares similarities with a legitimate form of firearm. There are several types of gauge to choose from, and it is something that should be considered important alongside the pin driving method. The following table lists the common nail gauges and the nail diameters their intended for use with.


Nail Diameter




The most delicate gauge, which is only suitable for use with smaller diameter nails. Used in decorating and small furniture construction, also has uses in model building.



Sometimes listed as a brad nailer, commonly used in cabinet and storage furniture construction. Can’t bare much weight and shouldn’t be overloaded.



Largely used to construct skirting and basic paneling. This method allows the wood to bear some weight, but too much can cause permanent damage.



Even though this gauge can install nails, such nails cannot be countersunk. Commonly used in the construction of larger furniture, an instance in which a nail head should protrude.



The heavy-duty gauge and is perfect for the construction of decking, fencing and larger exterior furniture. It can be nailed into angled strips, which makes it ideal for building a weight-bearing surface.

Remember that a nail gun can’t be considered an all round piece of equipment. There may be times in which it will be too powerful for a job at hand. Depending on the nail it may be worth using a standard hammer or a staple gun instead. Never overpower a nail with a gun that is too strong, as it may do more harm than good.

Wired or Cordless

Cordless nail guns is the easiest to use due to their versatile nature. They don’t have to carry around a weighty power cord, nor does its length limit their reach. The issues with cordless guns all relate to the amount of power delivered and battery life. From its very first use, the overall battery life will decrease, and such will eventually have an effect on the amount of power it can deliver. Anyone who decides to opt for a cordless nail gun may benefit from investing in additional battery packs to ensure maximum reliability.

Wired nail guns are the most consistent in terms of power, as they run off mains electricity. Users don’t have to worry about them running out of battery, however the maneuverability of a wired nail gun is questionable. It can only reach as far as its cable will let it; this means it definitely isn’t suitable for large DIY jobs that take place across various rooms.

Nail Depth

Those wanting flexibility in a nail gun should look towards one that has adjustable depths. This means that no matter the type of nail being drilled, it can be done without having to change gun, or altering the headpiece. The unit can be adjusted to accommodate any form of nail, however the process and system to actually do this varies from model to model. Shoppers should also remember that this luxury usually comes at a premium.

Those who are operating on a small budget may wish to stick with a standard option, which is suitable for single or limited number of nail sizes. If this is the case, remember that users should never use a nail gun with inappropriately sized nails. Doing this will potentially damage the gun along with the surface it is being used on, while putting whoever is using it at risk of injury.

How to Purchase a Nail Gun on eBay

Finding an appropriate nail gun on eBay couldn’t be simpler. The common way to find something suitable is to utilise eBay’s sophisticated search options. Start by typing a word or phrase into the search bar, which is located at the top of every eBay page, for example try searching “electric nail gun”. Hit search and it will bring up all auction listings that are related to the entered term. Those who are looking for more detailed results should try their luck with the advanced search options as well.

Someone who doesn’t have a particular model of nail gun in mind may want to browse through listings on a page-by-page format. Starting on eBay’s homepage, select the home and garden category, tools and finally the nailers sub-category. If further focus is needed, use the search modifiers that are to the left of the page.

When paying for an item always opt for PayPal, as they have a buyer protection program in place. Such program assures buyers that they will be covered financially should a problem occur with an order.


It doesn’t matter whether someone is building a full-size home or a model house, a nail gun should be considered an essential tool. They can reduce the amount of time spent striking nails, by using a mechanical system that spikes the nail into the wood. The type of nail driving method plays a large part in determining its suitability for a job.

This guide has detailed all the types of nail gun that shopper’s will come across in today’s market. Buying a nail gun on eBay is the easiest way to get one at a competitive price.

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