How to Buy a Quality Fishing Rod

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How to Buy a Quality Fishing Rod

While it’s true that an excellent rod does not make anyone a better angler, a bad one would automatically limit anyone’s chances of a good catch. There are many factors that propel a fishing rod to the top list. Action, power, and materials are just some of the variables to look into when choosing the perfect fishing rod.



This refers to how much the rod flexes when force is exerted at its tip and how fast its tip straightens back up when force is released. Action is most often determined by the materials used, the taper, and thickness of the blank. Fishing rods are rated as slow, medium, fast, and extra fast action.





This type of rod bends all the way to the lower third of the blank. Sometimes called “parabolic” because of the way it bends, this is good for maintaining the tension when baiting big fish that are given to abrupt actions.


This rod flexes about the middle of the blank. This allows greater casting distances than slow action rods. This is often used for baits that involve treble hooks like top water lures, rattle baits, crank baits, jerk baits, and spinner baits.


Only the upper third of the blank bends in this type of rod. This is often used in long distance casting and when short hooks are used like in jig and worm fishing.

Extra fast

Extra fast rods features a much stiffer blank, which is really helpful when pulling fishes from mats of weeds and grasses in the water. This is the rod of choice for techniques like heavy jigs, Carolina-rigging, and Texas-rigged worms.



This is the amount of force it takes to bend the rod. Power also refers to the lifting power of the rod. Fishing rods are usually rated as light, medium, or heavy, according to its lure and line limits. Rods with light power are good for light lures and lines, while rods with heavy power are best for heavy lures and lines.

Aside from that, the type of water will also dictate which kind of rod power is more appropriate. Anglers who fish in clear water would need a light line to bait fish, which means they should go for a light power rod. Those who fish in marshes or lakes with mats of weeds would need a heavy power rod to get the fish out.


Graphite vs. Fibreglass

Another thing that anglers need to consider is if they should go for a rod made of graphite or fibreglass or a composite of both. Here are some pros and cons to consider when making this decision.






The most common type of rods today, these are mostly used by experienced anglers for their sensitivity. Thus, anglers have an easy feel of the slightest bumps and bites. These are also light weight and stiff, which makes them the rod of choice for top water lures, crank baits, and spinner baits.

These types of rods are known for being brittle and may not withstand constant banging and the pressure of being flexed over. Also, they are not suitable for down rigging and trolling and are best used for fresh water fishing.


This material is known for its toughness. This is a great choice for anglers who want an economical, robust, and all-around fishing rod.

These rods are not as sensitive as graphite rods. Thus, anglers will be less able to tell if there’s a bite or not.


This type of rods is made of fibreglass and graphite. They are less expensive than graphite rods and more sensitive than fibreglass rods. Composite rods are good options for a wide range of techniques.

Although they have better casting performance than fibreglass rods, they’re still not as good and as sensitive as graphite rods.


Buying the Perfect Fishing Rod on eBay

eBay has an extensive display of a wide variety of fishing rods. To browse at the full selection, shoppers can head over to the Sports category, then click on Fishing, and then go to Rods. Shoppers can further narrow down their choices by selecting the specific type of rods they want.

Once they’ve singled out the item that they want, shoppers have the option of adding an item to their watch list, make a bid, or offer the Buy It Now price. For shoppers who want to go for bargains, eBay Deals may have a good fishing rod on sale.

A good fishing rod is something that any angler must have in his arsenal. Taking the time to ensure that they have rods with the right power, action, and is made of the right materials will make each fishing trip a success, which ultimately adds more fun to the hobby.

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