How to Buy a Storm Watch

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How to Buy a Storm Watch

Storm, British watch and fashion accessory maker, is the only recognised British brand marketed to buyers both in the United Kingdom and worldwide. Known for their distinctive and unique styles that push the envelope of contemporary design, Storm watches are a one-of-a-kind timepiece. With an assortment of dial designs available, buyers are not limited to the conventional round or rectangular face plates and dials. Storm watches might be described as radical or futuristic in their appearance, and these new ideas is one of the reasons Storm watches are popular. Knowing the various designs and styles offered by Storm for men and women can help buyers more easily sort through the selection and make a good purchase decision. Storm watches are well-represented on the eBay marketplace.

Men's Storm Watches

Storm watch designers are given the freedom to think out of the box in regard to style and appearance. This is especially present in the designs of men's watches that generally have bigger dials and more room to house special features on the watch face.

Unusual Storm Watch Designs

Watch buyers can make a very personal statement with their selection of a men's Storm watch . One of the most popular and unique models is the MK2 Circuit with its alternating raised and recessed band strips that circle the wearer's wrist vertically. The rectangular face of the watch incorporates the same banded style and has a Light Emitting Diode (LED) display instead of a conventional watch dial. The Nesis model is a variation of the MK2 design and also uses LEDs.

Other radical designs from Storm include the Vadar, which has a closed face with the exception of a triangular window opening on the right side between the two and four o'clock hour positions; rotating discs visible through the opening tell the time. The Darth model uses the same triangle and disc design, but the opening is located at the six o'clock position on the face. The Mexo has an open face that allows the wearer to watch a series of cogs act as the timekeeping mechanism. The Cam X model looks more like a bracelet than a watch; the wearer must twist the dial to open a shutter revealing the conventional dial face underneath.

Conventional Storm Watch Designs

Not every Storm watch has a radical futuristic design; the Slim-X XL features an ultra slim face and band that is sleek and elegant. Four face colours display lined hour marks and a date window. The Aston has a similar design to the Slim-X XL, except the dial is raised slightly and the face of the watch has a concave appearance with hour indicators consisting of raised lines that are the same colour as the face. The Aquanaut, a conventional diver's watch, features a textured bezel for easy grip with the markings located inside of the crystal? A magnified date window completes the look. The Maxitron is a full-bodied, full-featured chronograph with straight up timing dials and a slotted screw attachment at six points around the bezel.

Women's Storm Watches

The Storm line of women's watches is only slightly more reserved than the men's styles. The Slim-X Crystal matches the slim and elegant design of the men's model with the addition of Swarovski crystals circling the bezel. The Misky,Kanti, Zarina, Melrose, Astine, Rizo, Lex, and Vian are all conventional round faced watches with individual fashion features that appeal to buyers seeking feminine styling statements. The Zatine, Multine, and Isol models have chronograph type dials indicating day, date, and month readouts.

Unique Storm Watch Designs

Ladies looking for a watch that make a unique individual impression can choose from several interesting women's Storm watch designs. The Duex has a band that splits at the watch dial; the right side consists of the watch face with a rectangular design, no hour marks, and a coloured background. The left section, about half the size, features a rectangular insert the same colour as the watch face. The Duelle has the same split band and rectangular face design, and loose Swarovski crystals fill the left panel. The Tristal has three dials with the centre dial consisting of the watch face, while the top and bottom dials contain floating Swarovski crystals.

Storm Limited Edition Watches

Storm produces a series of watches that are limited to a circulation of 3,000 watches worldwide. These limited edition watches all have unique characteristics and special appointments. The chart highlights the design features of limited edition models in 2013.


Design Features


Open round faced dial to view internal working components of the watch

Keeps time on a small dial located on the top half of the watch face


Small dial bolted onto face with two internal dials

Displays three time zones


Open square faced dial displaying unique internal mechanical movement

Moving dials and hour and minute hands are attached to a vertical bar

The limited edition models may be particularly appealing to collectors or those who do want a more exclusive one-of-a-kind watch. Interested buyers should be sure to keep on the lookout in order to get their hands on one of these models.

How to Buy

Buyers can find current models of Storm watches on eBay with sellers offering bothnew and previously worn watches at competitive prices. Entering the keywords " Storm watch" into any eBay search bar results in a general search for listings that match the description, and entering more specific keywords like " Storm Traser" results in a targeted search to bring up just the listings of a particular model. Shopping on eBay is safe convenient. For instance, PayPal, one of the payment methods, provides a safe and secure transaction for both the buyer and seller. Also, be sure to check out eBay deals on watches to help you find affordable options. Buyers in search of the unique and stylish designs from Storm can find just what they need on eBay.

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