How to Buy a Strapless Bra

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How to Buy a Strapless Bra

Strapless bras are a must have item in any wardrobe. The sheer range of strapless bras available not only allow for the wearer to shape their undergarments to fit their look, but also offer a comfort and security that their bra is not going to fall down and create and embarrassing scenario.

eBay is an excellent site to shop for strapless bras. It offers a wide selection of different style and brands to choose from.

This guide offers advice on what to look for when purchasing a strapless bra and how to buy one.

Different Types of Strapless Bras

There is a wide range of different styles within the strapless bra family. These include:

Bandeau Bras

The bandeau bra is a cup-less bra that makes it excellent for wearers who require a large amount of movement. However, it does not offer great support so is not so suitable for larger breasted women.

Strapless Push Up Bras

A strapless push up bra offers additional support below the breasts by pushing them up higher. They are great for underneath a strapless dress where a little cleavage is required.

Backless Strapless Bras

Backless strapless bras offer a lower back to accommodate for low backlines on dresses or tops. They are often in the form of a corset.

Convertible Bras

Convertible bras have straps that can be adjusted and taken off. These allow the wearer to change the straps depending on the outfit worn.

Strapless Plunge Bra

The strapless plunge bra is designed to be worn under low-neck lines. They will offer a little cleavage, but not as much as a strapless push up bra.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Strapless Bra

When going to buy a strapless bra, or any bra for that matter, there are a number of different points to take into consideration. These are as follows:


It’s wide to know one’s measurements. One of the biggest mistakes women make when bra shopping is purchasing a bra that has an incorrect fit. When it comes to strapless bras, fit is essential as there are no straps to assist with keeping the garment in place. Poorly fitted bras can be avoided by knowing the one’s measurements.

Measurements can be taken by a professional when purchasing a bra or by the buyer and should include:

· The torso directly under the bust.

· Around the largest part of the bust.

Size and Fit of a Strapless Bra

The measurements can then be entered into a sizing chart. This chart will offer the correct size of the bust. One of the most important factors in sizing is the cup size. A correct cup size will hold the bust front and centre, half way between the shoulders and elbow. It should also keep approximately 2.5 cm between each breast.

Fitting a strapless bra is slightly different to a normal bra. To avoid the bra from pinching the skin in-between the torso fabric and the skin at the top causing a ridge, it is necessary to go up one-cup size.

Allow for Wear on the Garment

General wear of a bra will cause it to stretch. In the case of a strapless bra, it is essential that this be taken into consideration when purchasing. Every bra will offer 3 different hooks to adjust the size around the bust. Be sure that the fit is on the widest hook, allowing for movement in as the bra stretches wider from use. The bra should always fit snuggly around the torso in the shop on the first hook.


The seam on the bra will suggest how the bra will shape the breasts when worn. Generally speaking the following seams will offer the following shape:



Seam running across the bra.

Will offer a fuller shape.

Seam running up and down.

Will give off the illusion of a centered breast.


Won’t offer as much support, but is appropriate for wear under light coloured or thin tops. This will stop the seam showing through the top.

Caring for Your Strapless Bras

It is important to care for one’s bras. The best way of doing this is by reading and applying the care information provided by the manufacturing company. This can be found on the tag of the bra itself. These instructions will include:

· Wash after 2 wears.

· Do not tumble dry.

· Wash in a netted bag when in the washing machine.

· Use gentle washing powder or soap.

Buying Considerations for a Strapless Bra

There are a number of buying considerations to keep in mind when purchasing bras. These include:

· Quality: The better quality the bra, the longer the garment will last. The materials used and the craftsmanship of the item determines quality.

· Brand: The brand of the bra will often point towards the quality. As a general rule, if a certain brand has proved reliable in the past, it is a great idea to reapply this knowledge when looking to replace existing bras and stick with the same brand.

· Cost: The cost of the bra will ultimately play a deciding role in the purchase. Cost will influence the above decisions, as quality is closely linked to cost.

How to Buy a Strapless Bra on eBay

eBay’s extensive range and safe and secure buying platform make it the ideal candidate to browse and purchase strapless bras. The below information will help any shopper looking to use the site.

· Search: The first step to buying a bra on eBay is to locate the bra. Conducting a search does this. It is possible search on eBay via the keyword search bar, advance search, and categories.

· Checking the Product: Once a product has been located, take time to read all the information provided by the seller. This will help to ascertain that the product is the perfect one for the shopper. Previous buyers from the seller will have also filled out a review offering an insight into their experience with the seller.

· Exchange and Refunds: Most sellers on eBay wish for the best possible outcome  - the buyer being happy. Given the sensitive nature of strapless bra shopping, it is advisable to review the seller refund policy to ensure that if the product isn’t quite right when it arrives, the issue can be resolved quickly and easily. This is the worst-case scenario only and is a rare occurrence.

· Money: eBay offer a few different safe and secure platforms to trade money. These are debit card, credit card and PayPal. PayPal is a third party site that acts as a facilitator of the monetary exchange. 

· eBay Deals: Don’t forget to check out eBay deals. There are often different deals that are not available on eBay. Checkout the women’s lingerie section for all their current deals.

· Additional Information: eBay offer more information on how to use the site at Buying Tips. Look there for any further information on how to use the site.


Strapless bras are a must for those evenings out where a low cut dress or top is being worn. They allow for the wearer to be supported but concealed under the item being worn.

They also come in a range of different aesthetics helping to make the wearer feel sexy and confident. eBay’s safe and easy to use site is a great shopping portal.

Always remember, when purchasing a bra, to do so via PayPal, as the transaction will be covered by eBay’s buyer protection programme.

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