How to Buy a TV

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Buying a TV is harder then you think. Sure, its easy if you don't want any TV in particular and you have unlimited cash. But most people don't want any TV and most people don't have unlimited cash. In this guide I'll explain how to find the TV you are looking for and for the lowest possible price. Now read on...
First of all, be sure on the type and size of TV you wish to buy. Once you are sure on all that search 'Television' in the Buy search.
NOTE: Do not search 'Televisions' becuase that wouldn't be in a title of a TV.
Once you have done that, on the left there should be a list of options such as: Standard TV, Standard LCD, Rear Projection etc. Click on the type of TV you wish to buy and it will take you too a list of those types of TV's. Once it has taken you there, on the same spot on the left is a list of sizes. Select the size of TV you wish to buy and it will take you to a list of those TV's. Example: If I clicked on Standard LCD and then 60cm it would take me to a list of 60cm Standard LCD's.
Next you will need to filter through to the results in your area, to do this on the left just below the options of sizes there is a dropdown box that has numbers from 10 to 200. These are the kilometres you are willing to travel to collect your TV. Select the one that best suits you. Then next to that is a box which you put your post code in. Do that then scroll down and click search. It will then filter the results to the ones in the area you have just selected. Most TV's will be in Victoria or Sydney.
The TV's that are now displayed are the TV's you could buy. and the TV's that you want.
Copy and paste the links below into your URL bar to see pictures of the areas on the page I was talking about:
(Loaction of the lists of TV's)
(Location of postcode filter)

Congratulations, you are now educated in the art of buying TV's on eBay!
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