How to Buy a Used Dirt Bike

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How to Buy a Used Dirt Bike

Dirt bikes are made in many different aesthetic and functional styles. Accordingly, when choosing a bike, it is important for the buyer to consider what types of terrain they will ride their dirt bike on. Because dirt bikes are often used for intense, heavy-duty recreation or racing, it is also important to buy one that has been well maintained and is made by a reputable company.


Choosing a Two-Stroke or Four-Stroke Dirt Bike

To the novice, it may sound like a four-stroke dirt bike is more powerful than a two-stroke, but that’s not necessarily the case. Each of these two types of dirt bike motors needs different levels of maintenance and offers the rider specific abilities that have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on the type of terrain it is being used on and the experience of the dirt biker.


Four-stroke engines are more costly to repair, as they are made of more parts, making the process more time-consuming. Two-stroke engines, while less expensive to rebuild, tend to require repair more often, as they burn out spark plugs and other parts more frequently. They also use more motor oil.

Strength and Handling

Certain regulations mandated by many dirt bike racing organisations have made the four-stroke engine the standard for racers. However, two-stroke engines actually provide a stronger initial burst of power. The downside is that this jolt of force can make handling the dirt bike more difficult, especially for less experienced riders. A four-stroke engine only delivers power to the wheel of the bike on alternating piston strokes, providing steadier control that is well suited to hard-packed dirt trails and tracks. Two-stroke engines thrive on loose mixes of clay, sand, and dirt. The heavier weight of four-stroke engines makes them more difficult to handle than two-stroke engines, though having a high-quality suspension can minimise the difficulty.


Styles of Dirt Bikes

There are three basic styles of street-legal dirt bikes, each with its own particular advantages. Enduro bikes have earned their name from their use in endurance, or long distance, races that don’t require a great amount of quick manoeuvring. Enduros are generally heavier than other types of dirt bikes, with larger fuel tanks and weightier flywheels. Motocross, also known as MX bikes, are lightweight and agile machines, meant for performing stunts and racing on tracks with tight turns. They are made to accelerate and brake quickly. The third major category of dirt bikes is trail bikes. Trail bikes are similar to enduros, but not as powerful or as technologically advanced. Trail bikes are suitable for amateur riders who will use their dirt bike for recreation in natural or rural settings.


Popular Dirt Bike Brands

As with any type of vehicle, the quality of dirt bikes is greatly influenced by the company that makes them. That being said, the five most prominent dirt bike manufacturers – Honda, KTM, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Yamaha – are all known to make high-quality bikes. Each of these companies offer a variety of options for bike size, engine size, number of strokes, colour, and style.


How to Buy a Used Dirt Bike on eBay

When buying a used dirt bike in person, the buyer can check the condition of the vehicle in detail. This will usually not be possible when buying online, but the eBay seller rating system allows shoppers to buy with confidence when they order from a vendor with a strong reputation for quality products and punctual shipping. Be sure to pay attention to shipping costs, as this can affect the total price of a dirt bike. Shoppers can also ask the seller questions about the dirt bike, including when the oil and air filters were last changed, and whether or not the bike has been used for racing. After following the links above, eBay shoppers can narrow down their search by selecting certain dirt bike brands, whether the vehicle is being sold in Australia or worldwide, specific years the bike was manufactured, transmission type, the method of sale (i.e. Buy it Now or auction), and other criteria. Dirt bike parts are also available to renovate or personalise the vehicle.



Buying a dirt bike, even a used one, can be a major expense that requires due consideration. By purchasing a dirt bike made by a reputable brand and choosing the style of dirt bike and type of motor best suited to the needs of the individual rider, one can make sure that buying a used dirt bike is an organised, well-informed process, leading to a quality off-road motorcycle that will bring years of fun and excitement to the rider.

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