How to Buy a Used Horse Riding Saddle

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How to Buy a Used Horse Riding Saddle

Novices and professionals alike often purchase used horse riding saddles instead of a new saddle. Some riders participate in different events that require specific saddles, such as Dressage or English Pleasure. New saddles can be expensive, especially for young riders who take lessons. Buying used saddles can be attractive to both new and experienced riders because they are broken-in, vintage, or just inexpensive.
By purchasing a saddle from a website like eBay, riders can find high-quality styles at lower prices. Whether for barrel racing or jumping, there are saddles for many events at varying prices.

Types of Saddles

There are many types of saddles available. For beginners, choosing the right saddle for their needs can be tricky. Below is a list of the different saddle styles and their main features.


Saddle Style


General purpose saddle

This light saddle is great for new riders who ride for pleasure, as well as some events like jumping.

Dressage Saddle

Dressage is an advanced sport that requires a unique saddle. This design is ideal for skilled riders and provides balance during difficult manoeuvres.

Hunting Saddle

This saddle was originally designed for hunting foxes. It’s lightweight, made of soft leather, and great for jumping.

Western saddle

The Western saddle is commonly seen on ranches. It’s heavier than an English or hunting saddle but provides the rider with great stability. Buyers can identify this saddle by the horn on the front.

Jumping saddle

This saddle is similar to a Dressage saddle. It has extra padding and larger flaps to protect the rider during jumps.

Treeless saddle

This saddle is good for green horses and new riders. It has more padding than other saddles but doesn’t provide as much support as other designs.

Racing saddle

The racing saddle is small and designed for jockeys. It’s lightweight and made to allow the horse and rider to perform at maximum speeds.


There are many types of saddles, and choosing the right style depends on the rider’s skill level as well as the desired usage. Most of these styles are available on eBay, so finding one that fits a rider’s needs should be easy.


Choosing the Right Saddle for You

When picking the right saddle, buyers must consider their requirements. If a buyer is shopping for a child, consider discussing the purchase with the child’s riding school. The following questions can help buyers choose a saddle that will meet their needs.

  • Is the rider a novice or professional?

  • In which events will the rider participate (i.e. dressage or reining)?

  • Will the saddle fit the rider’s horse?

  • Is the saddle for a child or an adult?

  • What brand is preferred?

  • What’s the budget?


Popular Brands of Saddles

Popular saddle brands include Syd Hill, Bates, Wintec, Stubben, and Kieffer. These brands are available on websites like eBay in many styles. Choosing a brand will depend on the shopper’s budget, as well as the rider’s preferences.


Purchasing a Used Saddle on eBay

Purchasing a used saddle online can save shoppers time and money. Preferences change, especially as new riders develop their skills, so used saddles allow them to explore different styles without spending outside their budget. Some top-notch saddles can cost thousands of dollars. By purchasing a used saddle, it’s possible to acquire a high-end or popular brand at a lower price.
Selecting the right saddle is based on the rider’s likings and skill. New riders might choose a treeless saddle, general purpose saddle, or western saddle. eBay offers some of the best brands at lower prices. To find a great saddle, simply click “Shop by Category” and choose “Sports & Recreation.” Then find the “Sporting Goods” button and click “More.” From that point, select “Horse Riding” and then “Equipment.” Lastly, click “Saddlers” and then filter the list by selecting “Used.” You can narrow the search with a specific keyword like “Dressage.”

Purchasing Accessories

Shopping for saddle accessories and tack on eBay is also simple. Buyers can find saddle cloths, stirrups, blankets, and girths, as well as grooming supplies, at discounted prices. To find accessories, type the name of the accessory in the search bar with a keyword like “horse.”



Horse riding saddles can be costly – especially those made by major brands. By purchasing a used saddle, shoppers can save on high-quality styles from great saddle makers.
There is a large selection of saddles available on eBay, and it’s easy to find low prices on popular brands. Whether riders are new or experienced, there are many saddles and accessories to meet their needs.

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