How to Buy an Acer Aspire Z5101 All-in-one

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How to Buy an Acer Aspire Z5101 All-in-one

The Acer Aspire Z5101 All in one features a 23" Fully HD touchscreen that makes the users computing experience fully interactive. This device, with the help of the Acer TouchPortal provides efficient and innovative access to this computers HD apps and social networking portals. It has a 500GB hard drive and is equipped with an AMD Athlon II X3 415e 2.5 ghz Triple core processor.

Buying Considerations for an Acer Aspire Z5101

The user must take into account both price and performance when researching this product. The Z5101 comes with a power packed multi core AMD Athlon II 220 X2 processor that is designed to speed up all processes. The processor allows for better internet playback and enables the user to take full advantage of the Windows 7 operating system.

The 500GB hard drive is perfect for those looking to store films and music on the device. Furthermore, the Nvidia GeForce 9200 Graphics card provides high quality graphics for those gaming users as well as movie watchers.

Key Features

· Processor: AMD Athlon II X3 415e 2.5 ghz Triple core processor

  • Memory: 3 GB DDR3
  • Hard Drive: 500GB

· Video Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 9200 Graphics up to 1407 MB

· Monitor: 23" Multimedia touch monitor with Full HD 1080P

  • AMD Athlon X2 220 Dual Core Processor
  • 23" FULL HD Touch-Screen

Windows 7 Home Premium

This Operating system complements the Z5101's interactive persona. It allows the user to create a home network and thus share photos, videos and music as well as pause and rewind live TV. The focus is on ease of access and efficiency, something the Acer Aspire Z5101 prides itself on.

The Processor

This all in one comes equipped with a multi core AMD Athlon II 220 X2 processor designed to speed up multitasking performance. In addition, this will aid the user's internet browsing speed as well as general functionality.

Visual and Audio

The Z5101 comes with a Full HD 16:9 display and powerful HD graphics which will ensure the users video and audio is sharp and bright. The device is built for multimedia enjoyment and the 24" display is fully HD for a cinematic computing experience. In addition there is high definition audio with Dolby Home Theater v3 5.1-channel surround sound which adds wholly to the visual and audio experience. There is also a wireless keyboard and mouse furthers the interactive practice.


This device is designed to fit perfectly in a home and its grey/black colour scheme reflects this. Together with the 23" screen as the striking centerpiece, the Acer Aspire also comes equipped with its own stand.


The Z5101 all-in-one features a cool blue lighting effect and four brightness settings – of 30%, 60% and 100%. This is designed to reflect the mood of the user and adds further to the high levels of interaction.

Set Up

This device comes with many space saving features and a cable management cover that helps protect the wires to keep them tidy. The keyboard fits under the Z5101 allowing for the users desk to be used for other functions.

Touch Experience

The touch portal helps the user synchronize all aspects of their interactive life. The user can switch between applications with fingertip control and applications such as TouchVideo, TouchMusic and TouchPhoto bring a new dimension to the Acer brand.

How to Buy an Acer Aspire Z5101 on eBay:

There are many considerations for a user to research when purchasing an Acer Aspire Z5101 on eBay. Price and condition are often the most important paired with the specification of the device.

To begin, the user should type the key phrase, " Acer Aspire Z5101" into the search bar and allow eBay to generate a results page. From this page the user can then make use of the several filtering criteria, the most popular again being price and working condition, in order to limit the results to the most relevant only.

Moreover, the user has access to seller ratings and this can be an added criteria for them during the filtering process. eBay provides a great variety and can offer a user with a limited budget a solution as well as those with a higher price range.


Price, condition, processor strength, internal memory, screen size and operating system are all factors that must be researched by the user when looking to purchase an Acer Aspire Z5101.

This device is strong in all aspects and finding the right price becomes the most important factor for the user. eBay is the ideal place to begin searching and can provide the user with the variety to find a cost effective deal.

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