How to Buy an Affordable Acer Desktop

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How to Buy an Affordable Acer Desktop

With the introduction of portable computer devices like tablets and laptops, and with computers trying to emulate their designs, this has begun to make desk top computers seem obsolete. However, a good desk top computer, like an Acer still forms the basis of an office or home.

With many different advantages, an Acer desktop can outperform a portable device in many different areas. As with all computer devices, it is important to look at the specs of the computer and compare it to the requirements it must fulfil. This will ensure the most cost effective model is purchased. And with the introduction of auction sites like eBay, Acer desktops have never been more affordable. Not only do eBay offer new Acer computers, but also, refurbished models from reputable sellers. This guide outlines how to buy an affordable Acer desktop.

The Advantages of a Desktop Computer

The desktop computer on the whole is better value for money and performance than any other portable devices. They are easier to maintain with repairs cost effective and infrequent due to the fact that they are not built to be portable. Their design allows the user to be more ergonomically correct when using it i.e. seated in a specific workspace with a chair designed for work and have room for more cumbersome parts often too large for laptops.

The Different Types of Desktop Computers


A compact desktop computer is smaller (generally by half) than a full size desktop. This makes them ideal for small workspaces.

Full Size Desktop

A full size desktop computer is the original and largest of these designs. They have the space to house more design enhancing features, are cost effective and easy to fix.


Again, a space saver, the All-in-one desktop computer packs all of the components behind the monitor.


A desktop gamer computer offers gamers the opportunity to expand and grow their computer as and when they need. The additional space makes room for faster processors, sophisticated graphics and large hard drives.

Buying Considerations

There are many different considerations to take into account when looking to purchase an Acer desktop. Each of the below points will assist with the most cost effective purchase.

What Functions Will The Computer Be Performing?

Who will be using the computer and what does it need to do? A desktop for a home environment verses an office computer will have different requirements. Knowing what the computer will need to do can help the user find the right computer for the job. Different functions will affect the cost of the overall desktop.


The processor is responsible for processing the information. Simply speaking, the processor acts as the computers brain. The processor is broken down by the number of cores it has and the clock speed. Often computers used for general office or home jobs do not require a powerful processor.


The memory of the computer is measured in RAM. The more RAM, the more memory the computer obtains. It is possible to increase the RAM of a desktop computer. As a result there is no need to purchase additional RAM in the first instance.

Hard Drive

The hard drive is where the computers music, film, documents and photos are stored. They are measured in Gigabytes or Terabytes with the more the better.

Operating System

The operating system on Acer computers is Windows PC. This system is fully compatible with Windows programs, which offers a wide variety of games. As a general rule, PC Windows computers are more affordable then their rival Apple.


The size of a monitor is measured diagonally. The most common sizes are between 15 to 24 inches.


The case that the computer comes in is usually a ‘tower'. Take time to look at the size to ensure it fits in the designated area.

Mouse and Keyboard

Take time to look at the most appropriate mouse and keyboard. With hundreds of different designs available, it is possible to purchase enhanced accessories that are compatible with Acer computers.

How to Purchase an Acer Desktop Computer On eBay

With literally hundreds of products to choose from, eBay's extensive range of Acer desktop computer models and accessories will offer something for everyone. To find the right computer at the right price, simply use the search methods available. A search can be done using the keyword search bar (located on every page), advance search or categories search. Each search will pull up the available products onto one page for easy viewing.

Payment is safe and secure with options including using PayPal or paying via credit or debit card.


As a leading brand in the electronic market, Acer offers high quality products at affordable prices. Not only that but with the opportunity to purchase a refurbished model on eBay, this can assist with keeping costs low. The beauty of eBay is the ability you have as a consumer to browse and purchase from the comfort of your own home.

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