How to Buy an Affordable Bed Frame

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How to Buy an Affordable Bed Frame

Bed frames are very necessary but can be expensive. Especially when purchasing a bed frame just after a move, or with a new mattress, buyers are often faced with having low funds for making the purchase. However, there are many affordable bed frames that can be purchased very easily for a great rate.

Buyers can also consider looking at online shops that frequently offer deals on bed frames. Another good idea is to set a budget before looking for the bed frame as this makes it easier to find a frame at the preferred price. Everything from the material to the style to the condition can affect the price of the bed frame so it is always a good idea to consider each of these options and make a practical choice. The following information is a basic walkthrough on everything most people need to know before looking for an affordable bed frame.

The Basics of Buying a Bed Frame

The basics of purchasing an affordable bed frame include purchasing the right size, a good quality, and a good style. While the cheapest options are likely to be very affordable, they might not always be good quality. Part of making a good purchase decision is to shop smart and find something that can be used for years rather than for the shortest amount of time possible.

Choose the Right Bed Frame Size

Depending on whether or not there is already a mattress for the bed frame, it may be important to purchase a specific size of bed frame. There are four basic sizes for adult mattresses as well as multiple sizes for children's mattresses. The bed frame size should correspond to the size of the mattress.


Mattress Size (cm)

Toddler or Baby

70 by 140

Single or Three Quarter

91 by 190

Double or King Single

140 by 190


150 by 200


180 by 200

Some bed frame sizes do vary and might be slightly bigger than the mattress intended to go on it. It is also possible to purchase a bed frame a few centimetres smaller than the bed as long as the bed does not have railing around the mattress. Usually, frames are sold either as the size of the mattress they are intended for or by exact size. Therefore, a toddler bed might be sold as 'baby or toddler' bed or as '70 by 140 bed frame', depending on the seller. This is especially important to keep in mind when shopping at online stores like eBay.

Ascertain the Bed Frame Quality

The quality of the bed frame is another very important consideration because some frames are constructed to be as cheap as possible and end up being low quality. Anyone who needs a frame to last for some time should put some thought into the quality of what they are purchasing because a lower quality item might have to be replaced sooner and therefore eventually be more expensive. Quality can be difficult to ascertain if making a purchase online but it is always a good idea to keep the cost and value in mind. If an item is ridiculously cheap and new, then it probably is not built to last. Another thing to consider is that deals on bedroom furniture are usually better quality than simply low priced bedroom furniture.

Choose the Bed Frame Material

The material of the bed frame can also make a huge difference in the price. Most bed frames are made of metal or wood, with metal usually being the cheaper option. An aluminium bed frame can be attractive, aesthetic, and a great deal more affordable than a wooden bed frame. Most aluminium frames tend to feature poles that can be put together, which makes it an ideal bed for ordering online. Aluminium is also ideal for anyone who lives in an apartment or flat because it is lightweight and easy to get up the stairs.

Wooden beds are typically heavier and can be made of either real wood or of chipboard. Both options are good options although the latter is a great deal more affordable. Wood beds are usually heavier and better quality while chipboard beds are usually lighter and more affordable. These beds are usually coated with a veneer layer so that they look like real wood while in reality being constructed of chips of wood or sawdust.

Evaluate Bed Frame Style vs. Price

The style of the bed is mostly a personal decision; however, it is important to keep in mind that the larger and more ornate the bed frame, the more it is going to cost. Four poster and full bed frames are very attractive to many people but they do cost a great deal. The simplest bed frames with a small headboard and a small or no foot rest are likely the most affordable. However, the bed frame should fit into the decor and style of the room in order to make the owners happy. While it may be tempting to simply choose the cheapest option possible, that decision might be regretted later so make sure that the frame is in a suitable style before making the purchase.

Consider Purchasing a Used Bed Frame

A great way to save money on a bed frame is to actually buy it used. While this is not usually a recommended way to purchase mattresses, the sanitary considerations are not as strict when purchasing a frame. A few considerations include the value of the used bed vs. what could be purchased new for that same price. However, used bed frames are usually a great deal more affordable than new and are an excellent way for buyers to purchase a good quality frame on a budget.

Purchase Locally

Local purchases tend to be cheaper purchases for more reasons than one. Even a brand new bed frame must arrive at the house where it is being used, so buyers should consider how to get it there. Picking up a frame from a store that is a long ways away can be costly in terms of fuel while having it shipped can also be costly. A better idea is to look for a local seller or shop and then check any shipping fees if applicable. If the item can be delivered or picked up with minimal investment and time then it is probably a great option.

Look for Deals on Bed Frames

The last thing to consider is that it may be a good idea to look for sales or deals on bed frames. While these might not always be available it is still worth the time it takes to look around and check. eBay is a great place to look for deals on bed frames because there are almost always sales and discounts on one item or another. Remember to check the value of the deal, to consider the style of the bed, and of course the quality before buying.

Buy a Bed Frame on eBay

Should you choose to look on eBay for a bed frame there are a couple of things to keep in mind. The first is that shipping time and cost vary per item so it is always a good idea to pay attention when making a purchase. The second is that while many options on eBay are very affordable, you should check the quality, any photos, and whether or not the item is new or used. Sellers around the world list items for sale on eBay so anyone who needs their bed as cheaply as possible or as quickly as possible should also check to ensure that the bed is listed locally.

Finding and purchasing an affordable bed frame on eBay is very easy. All you have to do is search for the bed frame and then list any specific styles, colours, or materials that you are looking for. From there, all you have to do is read the description, check the photos, ask any questions you might have, and make your purchase.


A bed frame may be expensive but it is an investment and is most likely to last for years to come. While it may be tempting to purchase the cheapest option available without considering the style, colour, or appearance, this is not usually a good idea. Buyers should research and find styles and options they like and then find the best quality option for their budget. Usually, the only way to do this is to set a budget before shopping, so it is a good idea to decide how much to spend first.

Important considerations include whether the bed frame is new or used, the material, the weight, any shipping costs if applicable, the location, and of course, the price. Buyers should also check the exact size based on the size of mattress that the bed frame can accommodate. Finally, remember to keep exact budget, practicality, and long-term use in mind when making the purchase.

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