How to Buy an Affordable Speck Phone Case

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How to Buy an Affordable Speck Phone Case

As a user looking to buy an affordable Speck Phone Case, the best place to begin searching is eBay. They offer a variety of Speck cases and are available to buy in bulk which can be a great way of reducing costs. Speck cases have a reputation for being innovative and extremely safe. This guide will provide potential users with a guide to the cases this company offer, and how best to find an affordable one.

Buying Considerations for a Speck Phone Case:

Deciding what Speck style to go for is one of the main considerations for the user. They have the CandyShell, PixelSkin and the FabFit collections, all of which offer the user something different.

This company has a reputation for class and this is reflected in their prices, however finding an affordable Speck case isn't out of the question. For the quality of these cases, the extra initial cost will soon be made back when the case protects the phone from damage.

eBay is a great place to begin searching and can offer the user all of the variety needed in order to find an affordable Speck case. There are three main collections of case and this guide will now expand upon them for the user.

The Collections


This style is made from hard plastic and the shock absorbent is protected by the soft polymer. This one piece case is two-toned and designed to look sleek and stylish. Moreover this collection contains folding kickstands, built in card-holders and easy grip finger pads.

These cases are revolutionary in the sense that instead of the conventional plastic inside and the silicone outside, the Speck creators did it in reverse.

Premium materials are used in order to provide the user with extra shock absorbency. This case encircles the front of the device with a rubber bezel that is raised that protects the screen from scratches and has rubberized corners in order to protect the phone from drops.


Another style that the Speck offers is the PixelSkin, this case is focused on non slip materials. It is a rubbery texture with a raised lid that acts as a buffer when phones take a fall. GeoMetric trades pixels for contrasting textured triangles that again are designed to cushion the phone if it was to drop.

The idea came from the outer cover of hand grenades; this uneven surface helps to cushion the blow in a highly effective way. This case provides a snug fit for the phone but still allows complete functionality and is designed to be extremely durable and long lasting due to the "high end" materials used.

The HD version of this case is made from TPU, which is a pliable polymer that combines silicones flexible nature and plastics rigidity to create a hybrid case that is aesthetically pleasing and practical.


This is the case designed for those who want their iPhone to be physically attractive, yet practical. These cases are covered with fabrics in a variety of colours and patterns and are designed to look beautiful. While the fabric looks great, it is still designed to be durable and protect the phone. A key design feature is that these cases are made to measure and are tailored to the user's specific phone. They have a fabric back, soft to touch bezel and contoured edges and its co-molded polymer and reinforced plastic structure helps to protect the phone from damage.

How to Buy an Affordable Speck Phone Case on eBay

Finding an affordable Speck case on eBay is certainly possible. eBay offers the user a great variety of Speck cases, both the latest models and the older versions.

For those looking to save money, looking at an older style model case or even a pre owned one can be the perfect way of saving on cost. To begin, the user must type the key phrase into the search bar, " Speck Phone Case" in this case.

A results page will then be generated with often thousands of results, the user must then filter the results using eBay's category system. Filtering according to price and condition can be the best way of creating a results page to suit the user's requirements. In addition, the access to seller ratings on eBay can help the customer decide who to purchase the case from.


There are many factors that must be accounted for, the case style, the cost; the condition and the suitability for the device owned are the main ones. eBay is a great place to begin searching for a Speck Phone Case and can provide the user with a solution. There are a wide variety of cases on offer at affordable prices.

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