How to Buy an HP Elite 8000 Core 2 Duo

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How to Buy an HP Elite 8000 Core 2 Duo

Business owners looking for a powerful and secure desktop computer should consider the HP Elite 8000. This is a strong, stable and very secure computer equipped with advanced security. One of the benefits of buying a HP Elite 8000 is its lengthy lifespan, and buyers will be extremely happy with its performance. The following guide shall detail the features and specifications of the Elite 8000, and explain how to find a suitable model on eBay.

HP Elite 8000

This is a desktop made specifically to meet the needs of enterprises and businesses. It is built to support the running of numerous programs simultaneously, and its hardware is extremely reliable and durable.

The desktop runs on an IntelCore 2 Duo processor. The four core processors are more than enough to meet the needs of business applications, and the 2GB of memory is adequate for the running of office related software.

However, buyers may want to upgrade the RAM to ensure that all applications run smoothly. The hard drive comes with 250GB of memory capacity that can be upgrade to 1TB if needed.


The next section will highlight some of the features of the HP Elite 8000:

· One of the main drawing points for this device is the level of security it offers users. The HP Elite 8000 utilises the Trusted Platform Module, which allows users to protect sensitive and private data through use of an encryption key. The Trusted Platform Module limits the reading and changing of chosen files, protected passwords and so on.

· The desktop has a total of ten high-speed USB ports that allow for the quick transfer of documents. There are jacks for both headphones and microphones and the keyboard and mouse are connected via USB. The desktop weighs 11.15kg and its dimensions are 177.8 x 444.5 x 447.8mm.

· Additional features that come with this desktop include a Drive Lock, RAID Configurations, HP ProtectTools Embedded Security Software, Power-On Password, Setup Password and a Solenoid Hood Lock/Sensor.

All in all, the HP Elite 8000 is an excellent choice for any business looking to invest in a powerful and secure desktop computer. The device is equipped with a fast processor and has plenty of internal memory. The inclusion of ten USB ports allows users to quickly download and upload documents and information, and the disc drives can be used to write information onto DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. Business owners will be very happy with the security of this desktop and can use it to store important information without worrying about the device being accessed by an outside force.

Used HP Desktops

The price for these devices can be quite high, so some users may want to try searching for a used device, although diligence is encouraged if considering buying such a model.

Buyers interested in doing so should check the description box on the item page of a listing for details regarding the device's condition. It's also a good idea to inspect any photographs of the device for signs of physical damage.

Additional information about the desktop's condition can be requested by using the Ask a Question feature. This can also be used to source more photographs.

Buying HP Elite 8000 Core2 Duo Desktops on eBay

All business owners interested in investing in this desktop are advised to buy their model from eBay rather than a computer retailer or a specialist website. eBay has an unrivalled selection of desktop computers and buyers will find that devices sold on the website are considerably less costly than those sold elsewhere. Buyers who wish to find a HP Elite 8000 desktop should head to and take the following simple steps:

· The first thing to do is scroll down and click on the Computers & Tablets link that can be found in the Electronics drop down menu on the left hand side of the page.

· On the following page click on the Desktop PCs link, and when the listings page has loaded click on the HP filter found underneath the Brand heading in the Categories table. Type HP Elite 8000 Core2 Duo into the search bar and press enter.

· Buyers interested in searching for used HP Elite 8000 desktops can do so by clicking on the Used filter under the Condition heading.

  • It's a good idea to visit eBay Deals before making any purchases, as this section of the website has a large range of desktop computers for sale at a reduced price. Buyers may find a HP Elite 8000 desktop here, and the relevant page can be accessed by clicking on the Deals link followed by the Computers title in theElectronics drop down menu. The Desktop Computers will be located around halfway down the page.


Business owners looking for a powerful and reliable desktop computer are strongly advised to consider the HP Elite 8000 Core2 Duo. The device has a very impressive processor, and possesses excellent security programs and protocols. Buyers interested in purchasing a used model should remember to check the description box for details regarding condition.

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