How to Buy an HP Pavillion 20-B021A

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How to Buy an HP Pavillion 20-B021A

Hewlett Packard , or HP, has been a huge player in the Silicon Valley technology industry for a number of years and in that time desktop PCs and laptops are where the company has made its name.

The Pavilion line of devices is renowned for being both affordable and reliable with many homes across the world choosing the brand for a number of years.

The following guide explains one of these models, the Pavilion 20-B021A, in more detail and helps buyers to acquire one safely and securely using the eBay auction site.

What is the HP Pavilion 20-B021A?

The Pavilion 20-B021A is an All-In-One desktop PC that is sold by HP exclusively in Australia and New Zealand.

An All-In-One PC means the entire contents of the computer is built into the screen and as such they take up a lot less space than some other types of desktop PCs like towers and small form factor PCs.

It is an excellent family PC that is available at an affordable price and can be moved around easily due to it being an All-In-One desktop. The table below shows the device specifications

HP Pavilion 20-B021A

Release Date

16th October 2012.


20-inch Flat Panel LCD display. 1600 x 900 resolution.


Pegatron AMD A68.

Operating System

Windows 8.


AMD E1-1200 (Zacate) dual-core clocked at 1.4GHz.


DDR3 2GB RAM – can be expanded.

Graphics Card

AMD Radeon HD 7310 Graphics Card.


Realtek ALC269Q-VC Integrated Audio.


Wireless LAN and LAN.

Hard Drive

500GB of storage space.

CD/DVD Drive

DVD Burner.

Memory Card Reader

Supports SD, SDHC, SDXC, Memory Stick and Memory Stick Pro.

Left Ports

2 USB 3.0, Microphone Jack, Headphone Jack.

Back Ports

4 USB 2.0, LAN Ethernet, Audio Port, DC Input Power Port.

Keyboard and Mouse



Front mounted HD camera with microphone.

Explaining the HP Pavilion 20-B021A Specifications


LCD display that can be tilted by 25inches on a flexible stand, which means it can be put almost anywhere and manoeuvred into position. The screen itself is 20inches in size and can easily double up as a TV due to the portable nature of the device.


This is the speed at which the computer processes information. The one inside the Pavilion 20-B021A is actually a notebook processor and could struggle when put under too much pressure and there is no way to upgrade the processor.

Operating System

This is the largest piece of software installed on a computer and is responsible for what the user sees on the screen. The Pavilion 20-B021A runs the latest version of the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system.


RAM is generally known as the computer's memory and this is given as a measurement in gigabytes (GB). It's a measure of how quickly the computer can access the information held on the hard drive. The Pavilion 20-B021A has two 204-pin DDR3 SO-DIMM sockets that support upgrades of up to 8GB.

Hard Drive

This is where all the files installed onto the computer are stored with everything from the OS to photos of loved ones finding their place here. The Pavilion 20-B021A has a hard drive that is 500GB and this is more than ample for an All-In-One PC of this type.

Graphics Cards

Control what is displayed on the screen and better graphics cards means a clearer and sharper output on the display.


Comes free with the Pavilion 20-B021A and connects via a USB cable and allows the user to input text onto the screen.


Also comes as part of the package and is attached to the computer with a USB cable. It gives users the ability to control the cursor on the screen.

Memory Card Reader

This allows the computer to read various different types of memory cards from cameras and other external devices. Files or photos can be loaded from the external memory cards and the information will show up on the screen.

How to Buy an HP Pavilion 20-B021A on eBay

The Internet is awash with All-In-One PCs made by a variety of different manufacturers and eBay is one of the best places to buy one anywhere online. Here are some buying tips:

· When looking for an All-In-One computer on eBay remember to ask the seller any questions that come up as they are always ready to help a prospective buyer.

· Finding an HP Pavilion 20-B021A on eBay is simple and buyers should start off by going to the ‘Electronics' category on the home page and then click on ‘ Computers & Tablets'.

  • On the page that follows, click on ‘Desktop PCs' on the left hand side and on the next page click on ‘Hewlett-Packard' underneath ‘Brand' among the options on the left hand side of the page.
  • Then type Pavilion 20-B021A into the search bar at the top of the page to see all those for sale on eBay. There are plenty of parameters on the left hand side to narrow down the results including ‘Memory', ‘Bundled Items', ‘Processor Speed', ‘Condition' and many more.
  • One of the best places to find deals on computers is through the eBay Deals section with a number of HP deals in place. Any item bought on this part of the site also benefits from free delivery.


The HP Pavilion 20-B021A is an excellent and affordable All-In-One PC that would look good in any home. The sleek and functional design means that any member of the family will get a great deal of use out of it.

The guide above helps buyers discover the components that make up the HP Pavilion 20-B021A and the site's sellers are also on hand to assist buyers in the process of finding the correct item. When ready to buy an item remember to use PayPal so that the transaction goes through safely and securely.

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