How to Buy an Outboard Motor on eBay

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How to Buy an Outboard Motor on eBay

Buying an outboard motor on eBay is an easy and convenient process. To begin with, buyers need only to complete a few basic steps to find the type of outboard motor they are interested in and select the specific outboard from a list of possibilities. Once this is done, it is a matter of arranging for shipping or pickup of the motor and completing the sale using the tools that eBay provides to assure a secure transaction.

Buyers can benefit from knowing the different types of outboard motors that are available on the market and the size of motor they are likely to need to power the boat the motor is to be used on. Sellers on eBay offer a good selection of outboard motors and are eager to link up with buyers. In addition to the outboard motor itself, one can find outboard motor-related accessories on eBay.

Different Types of Outboard Motors

Outboard motors have different uses, and the type of motor selected depends on how the owner intends to operate the motor. Having the wrong motor could be a problem if the outboard does not power the watercraft in the manner that is expected. Different styles of outboard motors are available on eBay.

Trolling Motor

A trolling motor is used by fishermen to move boats into the proper position to cast a line or to manoeuvre in places where it is not practical or advantageous to use a larger motor. While a trolling motor is technically an outboard motor, it is seldom attached in the conventional manner to the transom. Most trolling motors are positioned at the front of the boat, have their own attachments that allow easy deployment into the water and can be controlled by foot pedals near where the fisherman sits. Generally, trolling motors run off a battery instead of petrol.

Auxiliary Outboard Motors

Auxiliary outboard motors are used as a backup to the conventional power system of the watercraft. A sailboat can use an auxiliary motor to navigate in port or under poor wind conditions. A fishing boat that travels far offshore may use an auxiliary motor as an emergency backup if the primary motor experiences a failure.

Primary Outboard Motor

The primary outboard motor is the propulsion device that is relied on to power the watercraft. Outboard motors come in a number of sizes with varying horsepower ratings. Depending on the size of the boat and the desired speed of travel, dual outboard motors may be used to achieve the necessary torque to reach intended speed ratings.

Matching Outboard Motor Horsepower to Boat Size

Placing an outboard motor on a boat that overpowers the vessel not only makes it difficult to control the boat, but it can also be a safety hazard. If the outboard motor is too small for the size of the boat, progress is severely hampered and the motor can be overworked to the point of damage. It is important to match the horsepower of the motor to the size and weight of the boat it is intended for. Outboard motors with different power capabilities are available on eBay.

Outboard Motors with 5-Horsepower or Less

Capable of propelling a small jon boat, canoes, or portable and inflatable boats, a 5-horsepower outboard motor is adequate for a craft weighing up to 25 kg with a single person onboard. The top speed is dependent on the total weight and is likely to top out at 15 kph.

Outboard Motors with 5 to 10 Horsepower

A 10-horsepower motor makes an ideal auxiliary motor for a sailboat in the length of 6 m. As the primary outboard motor, a 10-horsepower motor can handle boats up to 115 kg and 4.5 m in length. A top speed in the range of 30 kph is possible with a single occupant, and a second person can significantly reduce the top speed expectations.

Outboard Motors with 10 to 25 Horsepower

When carrying two to three people, a 20-horsepower outboard can provide good performance in an aluminium or fibreglass hull with a minimal draft and up to 5.5-m long. With two passengers, a top speed of 40 kph can be attained, and the boat is likely to plane out nicely.

Outboard Motors with 25 to 75 Horsepower

With a pontoon, fishing, or pleasure boat up to 7-m long, a 75-horsepower outboard can cruise comfortably around the lake at up to 50 kph. Three people can speed to their favourite fishing spot, or twice as many can leisurely motor around on a pleasure ride.

Outboard Motors with 75 to 150 Horsepower

This range of outboard motors easily powers almost any boat up to 8 m long. Multiple passengers are not a problem with these large outboards, and speeds in excess of 80 kph are easily attained with some flat-bottomed fishing boats or skiffs. A large pontoon boat with eight people aboard is not a challenge for a 150-horsepower outboard.

Outboard Motors with V6 and V8

These monster outboards produce up to 300 horsepower and are often combined as twins to provide maximum performance. Fishing boats that venture far offshore, large cabin cruisers, and speed boats are often outfitted with these large V6 and V8 outboard motors.

Outboard Motor Accessories

Outboard motor buyers may consider purchasing accessories along with an outboard. From maintenance parts to safety and anti-theft items, these accessories are worth the extra cost to protect one's investment in an outboard motor. Many sellers on eBay make these accessories available in brand new condition.

Outboard Accessory

Accessory Uses

Outboard Flusher

Flush the motor’s cooling ports with clean water from a hose when the motor is out of the water

Outboard Motor Cover

Protect the outboard motor from the elements

Outboard Motor Trolley

Transport the motor when it is off the boat

Outboard Motor Lock

Secures the outboard motor to the transom

Motor Kill Switch

Stops the motor when the operator pulls on a lanyard

Kill switches are often used with high-powered speedboats to shut the engine down if the operator is dislodged from the seat or separated from the craft. Motor covers provide protection from the elements when the outboard is not in use.

Buying an Outboard Motor on eBay

If you know the type of motor that you want to purchase for your boat, you are ready to begin the purchasing process on eBay. Start by entering the description, such as "25 hp outboard motor", as keywords in the eBay search bar found on any eBay page. This gives you a list of all items matching the keyword description entered. You can use specific keywords such as "Evinrude outboard motor" or "trolling motor" to see the listings for the particular brand or type of outboard you have in mind. Further, you can browse deals on automotive and marine items.

If you have questions for the seller, use the 'Ask a question' link on the individual listing page to communicate directly with the seller. Review the seller’s feedback to see how previous buyers rated their satisfaction with past transactions. Then complete the sale using the secure methods provided on eBay to transfer funds to the seller.


Boating is a popular activity that many people enjoy participating in. Outboard motors are a common method of powering a watercraft and are much more affordable than boats with inboard motors. Selecting the right outboard motor for the size or weight of the boat is a key factor in making a purchase. Buyers can make an informed buying decision by determining how the motor is to be used, how many passengers the boat is likely to carry, and how fast they would like the boat to move through the water. By including all of these important factors in the decision, the process of selecting the right outboard becomes easier. Having the right motor for the boat helps ensure that the boating experience is both fun and safe. With its vast network of sellers, eBay can help a boating enthusiast find the right outboard motor at the right price.

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