How to Buy the CT20 Turbocharger

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CT20 turbocharger is one of the most popular part in Australian aftermarkt auto parts.  The CT20 turbo is manufactured by Hitachi, the CT20 turbo has been used on a number of factory turbocharged engines, the most notable of which are the Toyota Supra, Celica and the mid-engined MR2.

The mechanic sometimes would suggest you buy a aftermarket CT20 turbocharger instead of the OEM turbo when there is a problem on the turbo. As far as we are known, the stock CT20 turbo is factory set for 10 psi of boost, but it is capable of producing more when used with electronic or manual boost control. The CT20 will produce as much as 18 psi, but you run the risk of turbo overspeeding if you push it that hard. The CT20 is good for about 14.7 psi of boost for approximately a 37 percent power increase over stock. If you want any more than that you should purchase a larger turbocharger.

Here are two CT20 aftermarket turbochargers in our store,  and you can see the difference on the compressor and flange. You can see the picture to see the difference. Besides, The best way to check the turbo fitment is checking the OEM number,  one number is 17201-54060, the other is 17201-54030,  On the outer edge of its rpm range, this turbo is capable of supporting over 300 horsepower on single turbo cars and about 600 horsepower on the twin-turbo Supra.
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