How to Buy the Right Exterior Doors

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Exterior Door Buying Guide

Exterior doors are the focal point of the front of the house and command attention. The front door serves as a welcoming entrance into the home and when locked, it allows the home to be secured from the outside world.
When selecting the right exterior door for the home, one should consider aspects such as overall design, colour, texture and shape when purchasing an exterior door for their home.


History and Symbolism

Throughout history, doors have been a vital element of the home. Doors first appeared in history through the hieroglyphic symbols painted in the tombs of ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. They are found in all cultures and are created from anything from stone to steel to adobe. Throughout history, the use of wood to craft exterior doors has been more prevalent than any other material.
Rich in symbolism, doors represent a transition of one state to another. On the other hand, a closed door would represent the distancing of oneself from another.


Wood Doors

Modern exterior doors are most commonly made of wood, which is easier to carve and shape than other materials. Solid wood doors are one of the better choices for resisting everyday wear and tear. The only drawbacks are that they tend to be on the expensive side and require regular painting or varnishing to look their best.
Beginning with wooden exterior doors, some have areas cut out for windows. Other wood doors may be made of hardwoods such as solid oak. Such doors may feature some type of ironwork near the top, or have rows of small square windows to let light stream in. Some wood doors may feature old-fashioned knocking mechanisms or brass pulls, or have detailed designs carved into them. Although these types of doors tend to cost more, they add a lot to the overall aesthetic of the home.


Steel Doors

Steel is another commonly used door material. Most steel doors come already painted and can be selected in colours that match the exterior of the home. The main benefit of metal exterior doors is their sheer strength. They are extremely weather resistant and provide ample security. They require little maintenance and are energy-efficient.
Exterior doors do not have to be fancy, however. For example, steel or fibreglass doors are often painted in a solid colour that compliments the home’s colour palette. Many such doors have a simple, standard peephole cutout, although they may also have small windows inserted in them.

Fibreglass Doors

Fibreglass is a better insulator than wood and resists wear better than steel does. Relatively dent-resistant and moderately priced, fibreglass exterior doors can be painted or stained at will. They may feature a smooth texture or an embossed wood-grain finish.


Glass Doors

Some homes of today have a clear glass, locking panel door that serves as the first point of entry into the home and a classier alternative to metal screen doors. The advantage of glass exterior doors is that one can open up the solid door behind it and let in the light from outside, while keeping the glass door locked. However, if there is not a solid door located behind the glass door, privacy could become a concern. Frosted glass can provide some privacy for those who are interested in a glass door.


How to Buy Doors on eBay

There are several ways buyers can locate exterior doors on eBay. One way is to select the “Home and Garden” category located at the top of the eBay homepage. Next, select “Building Materials & DIY” from the side tabs. Conclude the search by selecting the “Doors and Door Hardware” tab. Or simply type the words “exterior door” into the search bar to access a great variety of results. Both new and used exterior doors are available for purchase on eBay.


Selecting the perfect exterior door for the home should be dependent on several factors. The first aspect to consider is whether one desires a door made of wood, steel, fibreglass or glass. One should also make sure that the door they have chosen has an adequate locking mechanism, according to what type of lock the homeowner desires. In addition to this, the main aspect which is likely to influence a buyer is the style of the door itself. Some may choose a solid colour which is painted to match the exterior of the home. Others may prefer an exterior door with window cutouts and intricate detailing. Whatever the case may be, eBay is a great place to start shopping to find the perfect exterior door for any home.

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