How to Buy the Right Size Quilt Cover

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How to Buy the Right Size Quilt Cover

A quilt cover, also known as a duvet cover, is a coverlet used to put over quilting or stuffing similarly to a pillowcase. There are many advantages of using a quilt cover including that the outer layer may be removed, washed, and most often placed in the dryer, which cannot be said of actual quilts. Quilt covers are a convenient and easy way of keeping a bedding area clean.

As quilt covers come in various sizes, buyers should know the correct size of their bed, the size of their quilt or duvet, and how they prefer the bed to look. Quilt cover sizes range from kids to king size, so there are plenty of options. The following information can be used to find and purchase the right size of quilt cover.

Measuring the Bed Size

The first step to purchasing the right size of quilt cover is to measure the bed. There are a couple of different ways to measure but it may also be possible to find the correct measurements by simply checking the bed or the manufacturer's website for more details. In either case, it is always a good idea to measure the exact physical size of the mattress and then to add a minimum of a few centimetres to ensure that the quilt cover sits comfortably on the bed. It may also be necessary to measure the duvet to ensure that the cover fits over it.

Using a Measuring Tape

A simple measuring tape is more than enough to get the measurements for a quilt cover. Most people can simply measure from one side of the bed to the other including length and width. Measure from one end of the bed to the other and take note of the measurements. Usually, it is a good idea to measure at least twice in order to ensure that the measurements are exactly correct. This is because it is easy to misread a tape measure, which might lead to a poor fit of the quilt cover.

Standard Bed Sizes

There are several standard bed sizes that can be used to purchase the right size of quilt cover. A fast way to find the correct size is to compare the measurements of the bed against the ones in the chart below. However, it is also possible to simply purchase according to the type of bed. For example, if the bed is a queen size, then a queen size quilt cover fits it.

Bed Type

Quilt Cover Size (cm)

Single, sometimes sold as Three-Quarter

140 by 210

Double or King Single

180 by 210


210 by 210


240 by 210

A couple of important considerations include that an extra long bed is usually 203 centimetres long. King bed sizes are already extra long at a standard of 240 centimetres. Typically, the king single is extra long and extra wide but a quilt cover for a standard double bed should fit the king single bed as well.

Choosing the Right Size Quilt Cover

The first thing to consider about choosing the right size of quilt cover is that some people prefer larger covers while others prefer smaller covers. Depending on individual preference and the location of the bed, the quilt might only have to be large enough to tuck under the bed, or the owner might prefer that it drape almost to the floor. Larger quilts do mean more coverage and for the most part this is relatively easy to achieve.

Floor Length Quilt Covers

Floor length quilt covers can typically be purchased as one size up from the standard size although this is not always possible. Most of the time it is very easy to just size up to get a quilt with more room but it is important to be careful. As a general rule, the quilt should be no more than one third wider than the bed itself. To purchase oversized quilt covers, simply purchase a double for a single, and a 'queen' for the double or 'king single'. Some blankets are also sold as oversized, in which case they are likely a bit larger than the standard size. Simply check the measurements listed to see if an oversized duvet cover is less than one third wider than the bed before purchase. Oversized and larger styles of quilt covers are most likely easier to find on eBay , especially for anyone who is looking for a great deal on a quilt cover .

Tucked-In Length Quilt Covers

Tucked-in length quilts are the standard length sold for beds. These are typically just long enough to cover the end of the mattress from all sides or to be tucked in under the corners of each side for a more organised look. This is a popular size of quilt cover and also very easy to purchase. Simply look for a quilt cover that is labelled for the size of bed such as 'king', 'queen', or whatever the size of bed, and then make the purchase.

Baby and Kid's Quilt Covers

Anyone who is looking for a quilt cover for a child's bed should check the size of the crib or cradle. The rough standard size for a cot bed is 71 by 133 centimetres but exact sizes can vary depending on the manufacturer and the style of the bed. It is always important to measure the bed before purchasing and then keep any rails in mind. Railing on the bed means that the quilt must be the same size as the mattress rather than larger. However, if the bed is convertible and is intended for use for years to come, it may be more practical to purchase a larger quilt cover and then tuck the extra length under the mattress.

Other Considerations when Buying a Quilt Cover

There are other things to keep in mind when purchasing a quilt cover. For example, many people like to purchase matching sheets and pillowcases with either a similar pattern or print. Many other people like to purchase complementary colours, which usually means shopping for a specific colour or style, or buying together. It is sometimes easy to find full quilt cover sets on eBay for a good price.

The second thing to consider is the duvet. Anyone who is either purchasing a quilt cover or the duvet should consider the size of the bedding itself and purchase the quilt cover accordingly. If both are being purchased at the same time, then it is relatively easy to simply buy the same size, otherwise it may be necessary to measure the actual duvet. In either case, it is most likely possible to purchase based on either the stated size such as 'king' or 'queen', or to check the measurements and purchase accordingly.

Buying a Quilt Cover on eBay

eBay is a great place to look for a quilt cover because not only is it possible to find great deals on duvet covers, but it is also possible to find a wide range of styles and colours or patterns to suit everyone's taste. Searching and finding specific items on eBay is also very easy because sellers list everything from used budget options to high-end silk, satin, and designer covers. As a buyer, you can look for the quality and budget item that you prefer.

Consider choosing the size and colour needed for the bed before looking on eBay as this does narrow the search down considerably. Searching for 'Disney child's quilt cover' is a lot easier than searching for 'child's quilt cover'. Remember that shipping costs and time may be a consideration.


An important part of buying a quilt cover is purchasing the right size and this is impossible to do without knowing the size of the bed. It is possible to check the size of the bed by measuring either the mattress or by checking the manufacturer's website for details. There are four basic sizes of quilt covers but it is also possible to find larger sizes as well as oversized options.

Buyers can choose to size up or to purchase the exact size for a specific fit. Typically, the same size is the correct length for tucking under the mattress while a size up is better for draping the quilt over the edges of the bed. After checking the size, buyers can look on eBa y or at another store and then choose style, colour, pattern, and make their purchase. Remember to check the measurements before making a purchase.

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