How to Care for Glomesh or Mesh Items

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Mesh was produced mostly in the 70's and 80's and has had a recent resurgence. The product is made mainly from aluminium mesh which can come in various colours.  Gold and silver are very popular but white/creams, black and other colours are also available.  As part of my Glomesh and Mesh collection I found the instructions on how to care for this wonderful 'textile'. Here they are:

How to Care for Your Glomesh Accessory:

  1. After each use polish with a dry cloth before putting away.
  2. Once a month lightly spray with Mr. Sheen (for other countries this product is a spray furniture polish - clear) or similar on to a soft clean cloth and wipe over accessory.  Then polish with a dry cloth.  This maintains the beautiful sheen on the mesh.
  3. Take care not to spill corrosive agents such as hair spray, alcohol or perfume as they may tarnish the metal.
  4. Do not rest a mesh article on beach sand as the salt content will also induce tarnish.

Main top designers that used 'glomesh' included:

  • Glomesh (Glo International Australia) - Have the registered trade mark.
  • Oroton (Germany)
  • Whiting and Davis (USA) - they also did mesh work in earlier periods
  • Park Lane (Australia)
  • Gold Crest (USA)

The quality of the mesh is usually in the maker - so if you purchase mesh make sure it has the designer label as there are cheaper mesh available from Hong Kong and China.  If you own some of this wonderful material it will serve you faithfully for many many years.  These items make wonderful collections.  Enjoy!!

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