How to Care for Human Hair Extensions

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How to Care for Human Hair Extensions


  • Use a brush suitable for extensions, your local hair salon should stock some
  • Always hold  (support) your hair at the attachments when brushing ...this will help minimise tension and prevent slipping/ breakage
  • Never brush the attachments
  • Brush every day, as needed


We recommend  the Evii Xtensions shampoo,conditioner and serum. you can get it online at it is an Australian made product that is specifically formulated for human hair extensions and natural hair.... and I'm telling you " You wont be dissapointed in the amazing shine this stuff gives you or the improved managability ,appearence and softness." it retails for about $30 a bottle, but it's absolutley worth it!!! we also recomend KERASTASE by Loreal. Keratstae is amzing for human hair extensions... although it is not specifically formulated for extensions, it willl add loads of shine and softness. You can purchase it at salons. Kerastase retails for about $35-$45 a bottle. It really is worth investing in good products.

My best advice is Invest in quality Hair care. Good quality shampoos and conditioners will keep your hair extensions soft, shiney, beautiful and managable... again, it's worth the money if it keeps them looking and feeling great !  

Oh.. I forgot to tell you ... the Evii Xtensions System has Uv and heat protection throughout the entire system... and the SERUM... well what doesn't it do. it's a heat protector, uv protector, protection for sea & pool, it helps repair the cuticle, fix split ends, boosts your shine and tame flyaways....... again, it's worth investing in some of this amaaazzzing stuff!  you wont be dissapointed...and if you cant find the Evii products grab yourself some Kerastase ....

  • never wash hair more than once every 4 days as over washing may cause dryness
  • brush hair before washing
  • Always use conditioner from the mid lengths down only
  • never use conditioner on the attachments
  • Condition after every wash
  • Dandruff shampoos may cause dryness and knotting
  • rinse with cool/warm water ( hot water drys out the hair and opens the cuticle )
  • Rinse hair well to avoid product build up
  • never tilt head upside down when wet

Drying your Hair

  • Wring water from hair
  • Pat dry with a dry towel
  • Never rub hair as this will cause tangles, matting and knots


  • Use heated tools on warm /cool setting
  • Never apply product to attachments
  • Avoid products containing peroxide


Before swimming in salt/chlorinated water apply a UV protector serum to damp hair

  • plat hair befor swimming
  • after swimming rinse hair thouroughly with cool fresh water to remove the salt/chlorine


  • Never sleep on wet hair
  • Tie hair in plats before going to bed

The most common concerns with Human Hair Extensions are dryness and knotting... By following a few simple tips you can keep your extensions looking and feeling great !


Human hair extensions become dry because they are  nolonger attached to a constant supply of natural oil. Also, they  may have already been processed to achieve colour and/or texture.Processing, colouring or stripping will contribute to dryness. It is the natural oils from our scalp that help give our hair it's shine and help protect it from harsh elements such as chemicals, heat, uv and salt waters all of which will dry it out.It is important for you to understand that because extension hair nolonger has it's own natural supply of oils, it lacks the ability to protect itself..


Remember this;

 anything that will cause dryness to your natural hair will most certainly have a quick and  severe drying effect on your extensions.


It is soooooooooo, sooooooooooo, sooooooo important that you properly care for your extensions.


I hope this guide has helped you, until next time........... 


Enjoy !

Moana xx

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