How to Care for Merino Wool

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How to Care for Merino Wool

Merino wool, made from Merino sheep, is often used for coats, shawls, and accessories. Since the wool is breathable, soft, and has a good warmth-to-weight ratio, it is even used for athletic clothes. Unlike some synthetic fibres, however, merino wool requires a little care.


Preventing Damage to Merino Wool

Since merino wool is a natural fibre, it is best to do very little with it. In fact, it will look newer if fabric softeners, harsh detergents, spray-on starch, and bleach are avoided. They can can cause discolouration, stains, or even holes in the wool.

When putting merino wool clothing away at the end of the day, choose cool, dry closets and shelves that are out of direct sunlight . A dresser drawer, for example, is a better choice than a hook near a sunny window.


How to Store Merino Wool Items

Storing merino cardigans, socks, and other items properly can help prevent fading and other problems. When storing wool items, store them flat and neatly folded. Hangers can cause the material to stretch and can cause pulls in the fibres. If folding is not an option, it is possible to buy special knitwear hangers, which will not warp the wool like plastic or metal hangers can.

Before storing wool items for a season, check for stains, tears, and pilling. De-pilling and fixing the item before storing ensures that it is fresh upon removal from storage. Removing any stains or any organic matter with a soft brush also protects the item from damage.

Like all wool, merino wool items are vulnerable to moths. When storing wool items, keep them in tightly sealed boxes. It is also possible to buy moth balls and other synthetic and natural moth repellents to keep wool items safe.


How to Wash Merino Wool

In most cases, hand washing wool items is advisable, especially if the items are delicate jumpers or otherwise not meant for rugged wear. However, it is always important to read the clothing care label and follow instructions for a specific item. When washing merino wool clothing and accessories, begin by turning the items inside out before washing to make the fabric look new longer.

Hand washing

It is best to wash merino wool in lukewarm water at about 30°C. Soak the item in a Woolmark-approved mild detergent and then rinse gently, first in lukewarm and then cool water. During washing, avoid squeezing, stretching, or handling the item roughly, as this can harm the fabric. If there is a stain in the fabric, it is best to take it to a professional.

After washing a cardigan or other item, use a towel to pat out excess water gently. Air dry wool items flat by placing them on a clothes airer and smoothing them out. This helps prevent the item from stretching out under its own weight.

Dry cleaning

If a wool item is labelled as “dry clean only” take it to a professional dry cleaner who can wash the item without disrupting the integrity of the fibres.

Machine Washing

If an item is machine-washable, it is important to wash it on a wool cycle or a gentle cycle with water temperature of about 40°C. A cool water gentle cycle or a delicate cycle can also be used with machines that do not have a wool cycle. Before throwing items in the wash, separate by colour or wash each wool item separately to avoid colour transfer.

When washing items by machine, it is a good idea to let them air dry on a flat surface to prevent stretching. Some wool items, however, are specially treated and indicate on their label that they can be machine dried on a tumble dry setting.


How to Buy Merino Wool on eBay

eBay not only has many merino wool items, but also allows buyers to purchase a range of products for caring for their wool items. From the home page, click on women’s clothing, for example, to see a variety of wool items and clothing options. Visitors can also click on merino wool in eBay and navigate through items by brand or type.

eBay makes it easy to find merino items with the search result sorting feature. It is possible to customise shopping experiences by filtering by price, location, or other results. Thanks to a range of items, it is easy to find wool items in several price ranges.



Wool clothing once brought to mind scratchy, uncomfortable jumpers. Better technology and merino wool have changed the game, and now wool items can be comfortable and soft. Merino wool clothing and accessories look stylish on any man or woman, and with a little extra care, the wool can end up looking new for longer than one may expect.

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