How to Care for Pewter Jewelry

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How to Care for Pewter Jewellery
 Care for pewter jewellery with gentle cleaning products.
Pewter combines a mixture mainly of tin with other complementary metals. The anti-tarnish feature of pewter makes it an ideal metal for jewellery because it takes little maintenance to keep pewter looking beautiful. Care for pewter jewellery with gentle cleaning techniques to maintain its quality and beauty.

How to Clean Pewter Jewellery·        
  • 1 Moisten a soft cloth with water and wring out the cloth so it is merely damp.
  •  2 Apply a small dot of hand soap to the cloth and work the soap into light bubbles.
  • 3 Rub the moistened cleaning cloth carefully over the pewter jewellery. Handle the pewter jewellery with extreme care because pewter is a soft metal that could easily bend or break if you exert too much pressure on it.
  • 4 Rinse the cleaning cloth with water to remove the soap from the cloth.
  •  5 Wipe the rinsed cleaning cloth over the pewter jewellery a second time to remove soap residue
  •  6 Dry the pewter jewellery with a dry cloth.
 How to Clean Pewter By Rachel Yatuzis
To clean pewter, soak the piece in vinegar, or use ketchup to buff out tarnish and stains. Use a paste of baking soda and water or vinegar for difficult pewter problems with instructions from a professional house cleaner in this free video on cleaning pewter.

How to Polish Pewter Jewellery·         Polish pewter jewellery only infrequently when you feel it looks dull. Apply a small dot of pewter polish to an old rag and apply the pewter polish to the pewter jewellery in gentle strokes along the grain of the pewter. Rub the polish in gently with the rag.

To store pewter pieces, use clean cotton cloths or acid free tissue paper to wrap the pieces completely. Place in an airtight plastic bag and store in a plastic container or metal storage box for safe keeping. Do not use wooden or cardboard boxes to store pewter because corrosion is accelerated by the acidic vapors present in wood and cardboard. Lastly, remember to be gentle when handling pewter because it is not as strong as other metals and could break more easily.

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