How to Celebrate Labour Day

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How to Celebrate Labour Day

Many people take advantage of public holidays by taking a special outing, gathering with friends or family, or undertaking DIY projects. Labour Day, also known as Eight Hours Day, which always falls on a Monday in Australia, is a great opportunity to take advantage of some free time.


Take Time Out

An amazing amount of exciting places to visit in Australia include:

  • Wine regions, where wine tasting and farm tours offer marvellous artisan-produced foods that are delivered fresh from the land. These regions also incorporate interesting historical buildings.
  • Beach resorts for surfing, snorkeling, and fishing, or walks that take in fascinating aspects of nature such as the rare scrub-bird in the Two People’s Bay Nature Reserve near Albany, or butterfly spotting in Moonee Beach Nature Reserve in New South Wales.
  • Residents of Melbourne and the surrounding areas enjoy the annual Labour Day weekend Moomba Festival, which is loaded with fun events such as parades, fireworks, and the Birdman Rally when brave souls dress up in winged costumes and launch themselves across the Yarra River for charity.


Labour Day Lunch

Gathering with family and friends for lunch on Labour Day is another favourite activity. As the day was originally intended as a celebration of workers gaining a day split into three eight-hour segments (one for work, one for recreation, and one for rest), a meal themed around the numbers eight and three is great fun. Introduce triple-layered vegetable bakes, three-meat pies, and triple-decker trifles. If the barbie is the preferred method of cooking, go wild with eight-layered kebabs or octagon-shaped dampers.


Keep Busy on Labour Day

An ideal activity for Labour Day is a one-day DIY project so that the two days before allow for rest and recreation. Making sure all is prepared for the project means sourcing materials and tools beforehand. Local stores and online marketplaces like eBay are first-class spots to find whatever’s needed.

Create New Décor

Wood pallets are handy items to use as the basis for a DIY endeavour as they are inexpensive and easy to work with. Ideas include:

  • Coffee table - Layer two wood pallets, one on top of the other, cover the upper surface with a piece of compressed-wood fibreboard, and secure it all with screws. Paint the structure, and the result is a coffee table with shelves. Make it easy to move by attaching casters at the bottom.
  • Casual couch - Sand and paint at least two pallets (use more to make a bigger couch). Join the pallets together with flat brackets at each end. Either cover foam mattress-style cushions with fabric or purchase them already covered. Place the cushions onto the pallets to form the seat and back of the couch.

Painting a wall, door, or item of furniture is a great one-day DIY task. Paint is often the cheapest and easiest way to bring a whole new look into a room. Repaint one wall in a bedroom as an accent to highlight the colour of soft furnishings like curtains and bed throws, or choose a contrasting colour to provide the room with some new vibrancy. Give the front door a welcoming ambiance with a warm colour like pink or peach, or be bold with red or orange. Old garden furniture, whether made from wood, metal, or cane, is rejuvenated with a coat of paint; use a stencil to add some complex and contrasting colour to the design.

Off-cuts of fabric are an ideal medium for a one-day DIY project:

  • Take a metre of easy-to-work-with material, such as polycotton, in a design that appeals and in colours that blend with existing décor. Cover either three or five canvas stretchers of varying sizes with the fabric, and attach the fabric at the back with staples. Be sure to choose the most striking parts of the pattern for each canvas.
  • Craft curtains for a small window by cutting a sheet lengthwise and hemming the sides. Sew a pretty piece of fabric across the bottom of the curtain, decorating the seam with ribbon or rick-rack.

Give Your Old Laptop a New Look

An exciting DIY project for electronic experts, which is an excellent recycle and reuse option, is to convert an old laptop into a wall-mounted computer. All that is needed is a frame, which can either be bought or handmade, a cut-to-size matte, an old laptop, and the knowledge to do the conversion. The end result is a device that doesn’t take up desk space, which can be used as an extra display for games, movies, and even work-related tasks.



How to celebrate Labour Day is a personal preference; some people prefer to relax while others like to keep busy. Whatever way Labour Day is spent, take advantage of the extra time to cement relationships and have fun.

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