How to Change a Headlight in a VW Beetle

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How to Change a Headlight in a VW Beetle

It is a car owner's responsibility to keep the vehicle up to date with the proper maintenance and repairs. Maintenance is often scheduled; however, repairs are generally unexpected and need fixing immediately. Repairing a VW Beetle headlight is cost-effective, and it can save the owner some time if he or she knows what to expect from the process. VW Beetle owners can purchase the replacement lights, tool, and parts from eBay.


VW Beetle Models

Produced from 1938 to 2003, the VW Beetle never really had a major evolution of its style, but the company integrated minor cosmetic changes throughout the body and interior to give it a modernised feel as each decade passed. On the Super Beetle, the front end is longer and the sides, front, and back are rounder. There is also the introduction of a convertible model called the Beetle Cabriolet that gives the economy-size car a sportier look. The headlights on each model are slightly different, but the replacement process is generally the same.


Headlights for a VW Beetle

Many agree that the most recognisable feature of the VW Beetle is its large, round 'bug-eye' headlights. Due to the shape and size of the headlights, the front of the car somewhat resembles an insect, hence the name Beetle. The VW Beetle's headlights are so unique that only headlights for this specific car function and fit properly. If you cannot restore a headlight, you should replace it.

Tools and Parts for Headlight Repair

Old VW Beetles require a few simple tools to properly remove the headlight and replace it with a new one. By contrast, newer models (those made from the late 1990s until the end of production in 2003) do not require any tools for headlight removal and replacement. All an owner needs is a clean cloth to wipe up any grease or dirt.
Tools for older model headlight repair are a 5 mm nut driver that is 30 cm long and a pair of small pliers. If a nut driver is not available, a screwdriver can suffice. As for the required parts, the owner simply needs the headlight that corresponds to the VW Beetle make and model.


Replacing a VW Beetle Headlight

Before the owner begins replacing the headlight, check to ensure that no fuses are blown. If the fuse has blown, then it needs replacement first; otherwise, a new headlight cannot work properly.

Remove the Old Headlight

To begin removing the headlight from its position inside the fender area, first unlock the bonnet by releasing the latch located on driver's side. Locate the headlight assembly and begin to remove it. Do this by using the nut driver to turn the locking nut one-fourth of a turn in the indicated direction if the faulty headlight is on the driver's side. Turn it clockwise if the bad headlight is on the passenger's side.
After unlocking the assembly, press down firmly on the locking lever to push the headlight forward and out of position. Expose the bulb cover so you can unhook it and open the cover that houses the bulb.

Install the New Headlight

Carefully remove the electrical connector and take out the old bulb. Screw the new bulb in, and reattach the electrical connector. Be careful and ensure the old bulb is not hot. Handle the new bulb with a clean cloth. Replace the bulb cover and place the assembly back into its housing area firmly until it is secure.


How to Buy a VW Beetle Headlight on eBay

eBay is a great resource for finding the VW Beetle headlight you need for the select make and model of your car. By using specific keyword searches, you can find various sellers who have automotive parts listed in a variety of price ranges. For example, search for '2000 Beetle headlight', and then narrow the results by price, condition, or seller location. Additionally, if you are unfamiliar with certain sellers, feel free to peruse the feedback and comments section to ascertain whether the merchant has a history of good customer service.

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