How to Change a Mini Cooper Headlight

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How to Change a Mini Cooper Headlight

One of the important things about car ownership is knowing how to do small maintenance jobs should anything go wrong. When a Mini Cooper’s headlight goes out, it’s fairly simple to change the bulb and get it working again. While car owners could go to a garage and ask a mechanic to change the headlight, it’s much cheaper to do this themselves. Replacing the headlight is straightforward enough that even those inexperienced with cars should be able to do it.


About the Mini Cooper

The original Mini car company was started in the 1950s, but in 1961, the company joined forces with the Cooper Car Company, and Minis became Mini Coopers. The name Mini Cooper can be used to refer to any of the older models from 1961 onward, or to any of the new style Minis, which are produced by BMW but use the Mini Cooper name. No matter what type of Mini Cooper, the procedure for changing the headlight is more or less identical.


Getting the Right Headlight

The exact bulb needed to fit in the headlight will vary, depending on the model of Mini Cooper and the bulb that has burnt out. In some models, there are three separate bulbs: one for the high beam, one for the low beam, and one for the fog light. If the regular headlight burns out, buyers need to replace the low beam bulb. If unsure about the exact type of bulb needed, the owner can either check their car’s manual or ask a local mechanic or car supply shop which bulb they need.


Changing the Headlight

When a headlight burns out in a Mini Cooper, the car’s owner will need to change the bulb so that it will light up again. Failure to replace the headlight could be extremely dangerous when driving at night or in conditions with poor visibility. Some people like to replace both bulbs at the same time so that their headlights will be of equal strength, but this isn’t absolutely necessary. The procedure for changing the headlight has a number of steps, but is quite simple.


1. Open the Bonnet

In order to access the back of the headlight, first open the bonnet. Depending on the model of Mini Cooper, the process for opening the bonnet can vary slightly. However, in most cases, there is a lever to release the catch on the driver’s side. Once this lever has been pulled, manually open the bonnet and use the bonnet support rod to hold it open.


2. Release the Cap

Once the bonnet is open, the cap needs to be removed from the headlight. If there are multiple bulbs in each headlight, the car’s manual may need to be consulted to check which one needs replacing. Alternatively, the headlight can be turned on to check the positioning of the bulb that’s not working and know which one to replace. It’s important to put the cap in a safe location, as it will need to be put back on the car after replacing the bulb.


3. Remove the Bulb

In order to get the bulb out of the socket, first disconnect the connector from the dead bulb, then release the retaining clip. At this point, unscrew and remove the bulb. Burnt out bulbs can be recycled or safely discarded.


4. Fit the New Bulb

The new bulb screws into place. Once the new bulb is in place, fasten the retaining clip and reconnect the connector. The headlight can be tested now to see if the new bulb is working. If it is, the cap must be replaced in its original position before closing the bonnet.


Buying a Mini Cooper Headlight on eBay

Buyers who want to get a good deal on Mini Cooper headlights should take a look on eBay. From the homepage, click on the link to get to the “Motors” section. Then click on the tab for "Car Parts and Accessories" and use the search function to find the right bulb. For the most part, buyers will probably be looking for a new headlight, but there may be some for sale which have been lightly used or that are for sale second-hand, but have never actually been used.



When the headlight burns out in a Mini Cooper, fitting a new one is relatively simple. There’s no need to go to a professional mechanic to get it fixed, as most car owners will be able to handle the job themselves. All they need is the right bulb, and eBay is the ideal place to find it.

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