How to Change the Battery in a Casio Watch

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How to Change the Battery in a Casio Watch

Learning how to change the battery in a watch is a useful lesson because batteries fail over time rendering the watch unusable. Although individuals have the option of paying a jeweller to take care of this, changing a watch battery is easy to do. In order to change the battery in a Casio watch, individuals need to gather the tools they need to complete the job as well as learn how to open the watch and remove the battery.


Tools Required

Individuals must have the right watch tools to open the case and remove the battery. With a jeweller's screwdriver, pair of tweezers, flat blade, and clean cloth, they have what they need to open most watches. Those who need to remove screws from their Casio watches need to inspect the watch screws so they know whether they need a Phillips or flathead screwdriver. They use the tweezers to remove the battery from the watch and the clean cloth to hold the watch parts in a safe, clean place during the process. A flat blade makes it easy to open watch sacks that snap in place as well as reaching battery spring releases. Some people opt for watch case wrench tools specifically designed to remove watch backs.


Steps for Changing the Battery

Regardless of the Casio watch model, the steps for changing the battery are similar. First owners need to open the watch case and then remove the old battery and install the new one.

Open the Watch Case

The owner needs to open the watch case in order to access the battery. To do this, they must remove the watch back. On some Casio watches, the back and bezel snap together, and the owner slides a flat blade in the seam where the front and back of the watch meet. With slight force, the back pops off. Other Casio watches have screws holding the back in place. For these watches, owners must use the jeweller's screwdriver to remove the screws before taking off the back.

Remove the Old Battery

On most Casio models, owners see the watch battery as soon as they take off the back. As soon as they locate the battery, they need to inspect the assembly holding it in place. This lets them know what they need to do to remove the battery.
In addition to noting the type of battery assembly the watch has, owners need to pay attention to where each piece goes within the watch. One way to keep track of this is to lay each piece on a cloth in the order that each piece left the watch.

Insert the New Battery

After they remove the old battery, owners must insert the new battery by sliding it into its assembly within the watch. When installing the new battery, individuals need to press firmly to make sure the battery stays in place and connects with contacts to power the Casio watch. Then they check the watch so they know if it works with the new battery.

Replace Case

If the watch works with the new battery, owners then replace the case on the watch's back. When the case does not want to cooperate, individuals look for ways apply enough pressure to the bezel so that it snaps back into place.


How to Buy Casio Watch Batteries on eBay

eBay is a great source for Casio watch accessories. You can find a variety of sellers offering watch batteries and the tools you need to change them. Start your search by entering the item you want to buy, and look for matching listings. As you review the available items, look for bundles that include batteries and tools together or lots that let you buy larger quantities in a single transaction. eBay makes it easy to keep your watches running properly.

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