How to Charge a Laptop Battery?

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Drain the battery as much as possible--the less charge on the battery the better. A cell charge from zero to full will increase the battery's load cycle consistency then if you charged from only half way.
Connect the laptop's adapter into the computer. This peripheral accessory keeps the computer running when the laptop battery is out of power and charges a depleted battery supply.
Wait for the battery to fully charge. Typically an icon on your computer will indicate that the battery is charging. You can still use the computer during this state, but it will recharge faster if you turn off your computer.
Monitor the progress of your battery charge by checking the laptop's battery application. This will tell you information such as the amount of time needed for a full charge and the level to which the battery has been charged. Typically the battery application will mount itself on your task bar with an icon measuring your battery level. This can be right clicked to access other features such as battery output and energy saver.
Remove the adapter--if you plan on running through the fully charged battery again--or the battery itself to run your laptop through the adapter. In either cases, this prevents the battery from becoming overcharged and lose its maximum charge potential under future load cycles.

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