How to Check If an Egg is Still Good

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How to Check If an Egg is Still Good

Determining if an egg is still good is a wise way to ensure that foods are both safe and delicious. Many cooks experience food disasters due to using ingredients that are old, stale, and past their prime. It is not difficult to determine if eggs are still usable.


Good Eggs Help Ensure Food Quality

Using eggs that are a bit old is acceptable in some foods, such as a quiche or omelet. When the chicken lays the egg, there is little or no air within the shell. Over time, the shell becomes porous, creating an air shell. When serving poached or fried eggs, it is important to use the freshest eggs available. This is because the white section and yolk become thinner as air enters. The egg yolk absorbs water from the surrounding protein, and the egg white loses its thick consistency. This results in the egg not holding its shape when poached. Another negative effect of older eggs is that the white loses some of its thickening and leavening properties. This may be disastrous for your favourite angel food cake recipe.


Preventive Measures

Many consumers take eggs out of the carton and store them in the egg holder in the refrigerator door. This is not a wise practice, because the egg carton–and the expiration date on it–is then discarded. Another detriment to using the egg holder is that typically not all the eggs are used before another carton is purchased, so the eggs are at different stages of freshness. The expiration date on the carton is generally one month after the eggs are packed. Some egg cartons have a “Use By” date instead. This typically reflects a date that is about six weeks from when the eggs were first put into the container. Keeping eggs in the coldest section of the refrigerator is also helpful because they are exposed to fewer temperature changes. When purchased, eggs should be brought home immediately and placed into the refrigerator.


Water Trick

Fill a small bowl about three-fourths full with water, and carefully place the egg in the bowl. If it sinks to the bottom, it is fresh. It often lies on its side because the egg has little or no air inside. An egg that is slightly less fresh may stand straight up in the water. If the egg floats in the glass or bowl, it doesn’t mean that the egg is spoiled. It simply means it is not as fresh as those bought directly from the supermarket.



Crack the egg into a small bowl. If it looks odd or has a distasteful odour, err on the safe side and discard it. Egg yolks should be yellow and round. The egg white will be thick, cloudy-looking, and cling to the yolk. The white becomes more transparent as the egg gets older. Experienced chefs can also determine if an egg is still good simply by handling it, since fresh eggs feel heavier.


Benefit of Using an Egg that is Less Than Fresh

Since the air cell inside the shell gets larger over time, the older eggs are useful when preparing hard-boiled eggs. The air cell causes the egg to contract, making it smaller inside the shell and allowing a cook to peel the hard-boiled egg more quickly.


Products About Eggs on eBay

Eggs are quite nutritious and versatile. Many cookbooks are available on eBay that help consumers learn more about preparing eggs in various ways. Another helpful tool for cooks is the old-fashioned egg timer. This handy device alerts you when the egg dish is done, whether it is a tasty quiche or a poached egg. A wide variety of cookware is also available on eBay. The consumer can locate skillets in every price range and material and handy cooking utensils such as an egg poacher.


Buying Useful Egg Items on eBay

Search for cookbooks on eBay by holding your mouse over the “Entertainment” category on the left side of the page. Click on “Books, Magazines” and then narrow the search further by typing “cookbooks” in the search bar in the top middle of the page. Look for cookware or an egg timer by hovering over the “Home & Garden” category and then clicking on “Kitchen, Dining & Bar.” Type in the name of the item in the search bar to begin browsing.

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