How to Choose Bed Linens

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  1. Choose a thread count above 250 but don't choose a product on thread count alone
Thread count is often considered a simple measure of fabric quality, the higher it is, the softer/finer the sheet. the higher it is, the softer/finer the sheet.  Standard cotton thread counts are around 150, while good-quality sheets start at 200. For home use, you can buy higher thread count (400+) for more comfort. Many manufactures double count the threads during marketing, that’s why you may feel the 1000TC sheet you bought for $70 is less comfortable comparing to a branded 300TC sheet you bought for similar price
  1. You want to get one hundred percent cotton sheets.
Other types of material used in the bed sheet are Irish linen, cotton/microfiber blend, satin blends, silk, etc. Egyptian cotton is widely used in the manufacturing of high end household textiles. Good quality sheets should feel soft and silky in touch. The term Egyptian cotton is usually applied to the extra-long staple cotton, produced in Egypt and favoured for the luxury and up market brands worldwide. Egyptian cotton is long in fibre, which enables the making of the finest yarn without destroying its strength. Egyptian cotton products are more resistant to stress and therefore live longer. It has a very high ability to absorb liquids and is extremely soft to the touch
  1.  Look for good solid brands
Solid brands are usually truthful about the thread count and the fabric. Especially when you shop online, since you can’t see and feel the fabric yourself, it is safer to go with a known brand.  
  1. Don't buy expensive bed sheets if they are likely to be damaged soon (either from pets or kids).
Usually the higher the thread count, the more expensive the product. Unfortunately it doesn't mean the product will last longer. If you wash your linens very often, e.g. twice a week or even more frequently, you might consider hotel grade linens with thread counts of 200+. Hotel grade linens are designed to survive 300+ washes; they are also available on eBay.
  1. Compare the prices
eBay makes comparing prices easy. More importantly, it lets you to find out the fair value of the item. So if an item is 50% cheaper than the average price, you should consider its quality. But of course, go ahead and fetch a great deal on eBay, don't pay for the retail price!
  1. Not sure what color to choose?  White, Blue, Ivory and pink are always good, floral print is pretty and brings spring into the bedroom.
  2. Many mattresses today are very deep, so if yours is deep, make sure your fitted sheets have deep set corners so that they don't come off your bed. egyptian cotton, italian cotton, irish linen, cotton/microfiber blend, satin blends, silk, etc.If your fitted sheet slips off of your mattress you can buy a set of elastic bands that clip to the corners and run underneath the mattress to hold the sheet in place. These can be found at any bedding store
  3. Only buy new sheets - do not try to purchase used bed sheets online
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