How to Choose Camo Hunting Clothes

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How to Choose Camo Hunting Clothes

Camouflaged clothing is important for hunters to wear, because it prevents the target from noticing them. Different patterns of camo clothing are available. Hunters need to choose a pattern according to what type of environment they plan to hunt in. Camouflaged hats, jackets, shirts, pants, gloves, and boots should all match the terrain and foliage of the area. Buyers can review the different types of camo clothing to find the most suitable apparel for their needs.


Camo Patterns

Five basic camo patterns are available for hunters. They include woodland, snow, marsh and field, brush, and orange blaze. Camo manufacturers design each type for different weather and environmental surroundings.


The most common camo type is woodland, because hunters spend a lot of time in wooded areas. Woodland camo comes in several different patterns that resemble different types of trees. Green leafed patterns are suitable for warm weather when trees are in bloom. For cooler months, hunters often choose camo that features multi-coloured leaves or bare branches. Buyers should always choose a combination of light and dark colours to avoid creating a dark silhouette against the foliage.


In snowy conditions, it is important for hunters to choose camo with snow components to avoid betraying their outlines. Simply wearing white clothing is not enough to blend in with the surroundings. Hunters need to choose patterns that break up with snow features and darker colours. This is important when the person passes in front of a darker background.

Marsh and Field

Some types of hunting terrain do not include any forest components. Bird hunters often occupy riverbanks, crop fields, and marshes. Camo pattern components for these types of terrain include cattails, corn stalks, tall grasses, and reeds. Hunters must choose camo that blends precisely with one or more of this type of foliage.


A brushy area may have large amounts of game to hunt but few places for the hunter to hide. A brush-patterned camouflage is a wise decision for wide-open spaces with little foliage. Brush camo features imagery that includes dirt and dead grasses against a contrasting background of a neutral colour.

Orange Blaze

Some people contest that deer cannot see the colour orange. Orange blaze allows hunters in heavily hunted areas to see one another and avoid accidental shootings. Hunters can wear orange blaze in combination with the appropriate foliage camo for the area. Vests or hats are popular choices for orange blaze.


Specific Camo Brands and Pattern Types

After determining what camo pattern to wear for the appropriate season or foliage, hunters can look at the highly rated brands and specific pattern types of camo clothing. Finding the perfect blend of colour and foliage gives hunters a better chance to go unnoticed by their prey.


Clothing Brand and Pattern


Kings Mountain Shadow

Useful for wooded areas with light and dark contrasting colours

Works well for forested areas in the mountains

Sitka Waterfowl

Features a digitalised blend of light and dark browns

Designed specifically for hunting waterfowl in marshy areas during any part of the day

Realtree AP

Features neutral colours and forest terrain patterns

All-purpose camo

Mossy Oak Brush

Mixes natural elements that include dirt, shadows, brush, and grass

Useful in open spaces and brushy areas

Natural Gear Snow

Features a pattern of broken up snow with dark background and no added shadows

Designed to break up the hunter's silhouette in any snow-covered location


Each brand features different camo patterns for various types of hunting. Hunters can use some variations for different locations and weather.



Proper layering of camo hunting clothes is important to improve hunting and provide comfort. Hunters should avoid cotton undergarments, because they often hold in sweat and dry slowly. Lightweight, moisture-wicking thermal underwear is an ideal choice. Layering outer garments keeps hunters warm in cool mornings. As the day gets warmer, he or she can remove layers as needed.


How to buy Camo Hunting Clothes on eBay

You can buy many types of camo hunting clothes on eBay. Start your search by entering a keyword or keywords, such as camo hunting clothes, in the search bar found on any eBay page. Filter your results with specific details, such as a certain brand or pattern. View detailed pictures, descriptions, and shipping options of the product on the seller's page. This helps you determine whether or not the product is what you seek. Some sellers offer free shipping for an added discount.

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