How to Choose Mesh Gutter Covers

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How to Choose Mesh Gutter Covers

Cleaning out the gutters is often an unpleasant task that forces the homeowner to climb a ladder and, in some cases, walk out onto the roof, where mounds of twigs, soggy leaves, and other debris may have accumulated. Nevertheless, rain gutters are a vital part of a house that help to keep it dry by gathering rain that runs off the roof and carrying it away. This prevents water from building up around the foundation, which can cause damage and flood the basement. However, gutters are only effective when they are kept clean of debris, allowing water to flow freely along them and out the downspout.


What Happens If the Debris Dust Builds up?

If leaves and twigs are allowed to build up in the gutters, fungus and weeds can begin to grow in the gutters and onto the roof. Moreover, the gutters will become clogged with this debris, which means they won’t be able to do the job of carrying the water away from the house. The fact is, ignoring the build up of debris in a home’s gutter system is in many ways worse than not having gutters at all, since the resulting water damage to the roof and fascia board could be serious and expensive to repair. The gutters could even tear away from the home itself, presenting a hazard to anyone walking by.


What’s the solution? Gutter Covers.

Any expert would most likely say that the best way to prevent damage by clogged gutters is to clean them out regularly. Usually this is done once in the spring and again in the fall. Sometimes it is done more frequently if a home is surrounded by many trees that release a lot of leaves and branches onto the roof. However, many people live busy lives and simply don’t have the time for this kind of gutter maintenance. Others are either disabled or seniors and aren’t physically capable of doing this kind of work.

Fortunately there’s an answer in these situations. For those homeowners having trouble constantly maintaining their gutters, it’s a good idea to install gutter covers. Gutter covers are designed to prevent debris from getting into gutters and clogging them up. These covers (also known as guards) keep the branches, leaves, and other debris from clogging the house’s gutters and ensure that the rainwater continues to travel through the downspout and away from the home.


Mesh Gutter Covers

There are three basic types of gutter covers that homeowners can choose from for protecting their gutter system and home. Mesh and plastic screens are filters that fit inside the gutter, while surface-tension covers go over the top of the gutter. The one the homeowner chooses will largely depend on the degree of protection he wants and how much he is willing to invest. For most uses and budgets, mesh or plastic screens are generally the best choice.

The cost of mesh gutter covers is midway between that of the more expensive surface-tension type filters and the less expensive gutter filters. It’s important to keep in mind though that there is also a difference between the metal mesh covers and the plastic mesh covers. While both are installed and operate in basically the same way, the plastic usually costs quite a bit less. The plastic is also fairly easy to install, requiring little more than a ladder, hammer, and nails. However, the plastic mesh is not quite as effective as the metal mesh at keeping out all debris. This means that the homeowner will still have to clean out the gutters occasionally.


Buying Mesh Gutter Covers on eBay

It is simple to buy gutter covers on eBay. From the homepage, the buyer can type in a few pertinent keywords, such as “mesh gutter cover” or “gutter cover,” and a large selection of products will be presented for the buyer’s perusal. Making a purchase on eBay has many advantages, often including multiple payment options and (sometimes) free delivery. eBay can be the perfect solution to the homeowner’s gutter problems.



For those homeowners who want to avoid the damage caused by clogged gutters, as well as the exhaustion that results from constantly having to clean out the gutters, mesh gutter covers can be a perfect solution. One of the easiest ways to purchase mesh gutter covers, as well as any tools and other parts that might be needed for the project, is to turn to eBay.

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