How to Choose Swimwear for Your Body Type

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How to Choose Swimwear for Your Body Type

Many women struggle with finding a swimsuit that makes them feel confident and comfortable. Most women choose their bathing suit based on style alone, and do not take into account which suits would look best on their specific body type. Women's bathing suits are made to accentuate or hide different areas of the body, which means that not all bathing suits look good on everyone. Different styles of swimsuits feature different details, and may look better on some women than on others. Many women know their body type, but they do not know which styles are right for their figure. By choosing the right suit for their body type, women may look thinner, leaner, and elongated.

Women purchase swimwear in brick and mortar clothing stores or online using websites eBay. Unlike brick and mortar clothing stores, eBay offers thousands of brands and styles of swimsuits in one place. When shopping for swimwear for your body type, you should first determine your specific body type, and understand which styles of swimsuits best compliment your figure.

Understand Your Specific Body Type

Women come in all shapes and sizes, so different styles of swimwear look different on different shapes of women. Finding the right style of bathing suit means understanding which type looks best on your specific shape. Before finding a suit that compliments your figure, you should first determine which body type best describes your shape.

Body Type


Pear Shaped

Large hips, small bust

Apple Shaped

Large bust, small hips

Hourglass shaped

Large hips and bust, small waist


Straight figure with little curve

By determining which body type best resembles your body, you may begin searching for a swimsuit that is made to accentuate your unique figure. Swimwear comes in a variety of styles and patterns, but knowing which styles look best with your body type makes it easy to choose a flattering suit.

Flattering Swimwear Styles Based on Body Type

Many women do not feel comfortable in a bathing suit, but that may simply be because they chose unflattering styles. Different styles of swimsuits are designed to accentuate or minimize a part of the body, so women may easily hide their problem areas and accentuate their best features. Knowing which styles look best on your body makes it easy to find a flattering suit that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Swimsuit Styles for Pear Shaped Body Types

Women with pear shaped body types have a smaller bust and larger hips, which means they want to accentuate their top half and cover any problem areas on their bottom half. Women with pear shaped figures should consider a two-piece suit that plays up to their best assets. According to Women's Health magazine, choosing a full coverage bottom such as a brief, boyshort, or hipsters covers any problem areas in the hips or thighs, and choosing halter tops or tops with cleavage detail draws the attention upward.

Ruffles, frills, or fringes add volume to a small bust while drawing the attention away from any problem areas. Swimdresses are another flattering option since they cover the hips and thighs. Women with pear shaped figures should also avoid prints on the bottom half of the swimsuit since they draw attention to their problem area.

Swimsuit Styles for Apple Shaped Body Types

Because of their big busts, women with apple shaped body types need to look for suits with a supportive top. Many one-piece and two-piece suits feature a supportive underwire and offer more support than a suit with light padding. According to Cosmopolitan magazine, V-necked one-piece bathing suits show the right amount of cleaving while minimizing the fullness of the chest and elongating the figure.

Tankinis also have supportive underwires and provide coverage for any belly bulge. When it comes to bikini tops, apple shaped women should choose a style that features an underwire or a thick halter top. Strapless swimsuits or spaghetti strap tops do not provide enough support for big busts.

Since women with apple shaped body types tend to have smaller hips, they easily find a flattering swimsuit bottom. Choosing a bikini bottom with sides that sit higher on the hips give the leg an elongated look. If your chest is much larger than your hips, you may want to look for bathing suit separates so you get the right size for your top and bottom.

Swimsuit Styles for Hourglass Shaped Body Types

Similar to women with apple shaped body types, women with hourglass shapes should look for a supportive top with an underwire or thick halter straps and should avoid spaghetti straps or strapless bikini tops. However, unlike apple shapes, women with hourglass shapes have larger hips, so they do not have as much freedom when choosing a bikini bottom.

Most hourglass figures should avoid suits with strings since they do not offer much coverage and may shift easily. Like pear shapes, women who have an hourglass shape with larger hips should look for full coverage bottoms, such as hipsters, boy shorts, or briefs to cover any problem areas. Swimdresses are also an option.

Swimsuit Styles for Athletic Body Types

Women with athletic body types usually do not have much curve and have a relatively straight figure. The best way to play up an athletic figure is by adding details such as ruffles or feminine prints to accentuate curves. Light coloured suits, such as pink or purple, as well as feminine patterns, are also a good way to downplay a boyish figure.

Women with athletic body types generally do not need to worry about hiding any problem areas when searching for a suit, which means they have tons of different styles that work with their shape. Creating the illusion of curves is the key to finding a flattering suit for someone with an athletic body shape. Sport a triangle or padded top to give the illusion of a larger bust. Choose bikini bottoms with ruching or ruffles, which give the illusion of curves.

How to Buy Swimwear for Your Body Type on eBay

After understanding your specific body type and learning about which styles of suits are best for your individual shape, you are ready to begin your search for a flattering swimsuit on eBay. eBay carries many different styles of swimsuits that vary in price, so you easily find a swimsuit within your budget. For even better deals, check out the eBay deals page, which also has a wide variety of women's swimwear.

To begin your search, start by searching specific keywords in the keyword search bar. Searching for a broad term such as 'women's swimsuit' leads to a wide variety of results for women's swimwear. By searching for a specific term, such as 'ruffle bikini', fewer results pop up. Once your results appear, you may narrow the results even further based on factors such as size or colour.


Although some women find it hard to feel comfortable in a bikini, choosing a suit that accentuates their best features helps them look good and feel confident. Each woman's body type is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all bathing suit. Different styles of bathing suits are made to accentuate or minimize a certain body part, so they may look better on some women than on others.

They key to finding flattering swimwear is to shopping based on your specific body type. Aside from choosing a flattering suit for your body type, go for a suit that provides enough support and coverage when you move around. With the large selection of swimwear on eBay, you may easily find a suit that is flattering, supportive, and stylish.

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