How to Choose a Case for Your iPhone 5

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How to Choose a Case for Your iPhone 5

Smart phones are an essential item in today's technological age. The iPhone 5 not only helps you stay in touch, but is also a trendy fashion accessory. However, with a sleek finish and designed with specific telecommunication functionality in mind the design does not account for the general wear and tear of the product on a daily basis.

As a result, it is vital that adequate protection is added to the device. A suitable iPhone 5 case will protect the phone from smudges, scratches, scraps or worse still, smashed screens. With the introduction of auction sites like eBay, the choice of case is endless and can be overwhelming. This guide offers advice on how to purchase a suitable case for your iPhone 5.

The Different Types of Cases Available

Before a suitable case is chosen, it is important to know what is available. The different styles of cases include:

Shell Case

A shell case is designed to fit permanently on the back of the iPhone. The design fits around the back of the phone leaving the screen free. This additional protective layer protects the phone from general wear and tear but is not ideal for hard drops. It does however leave the screen free for easy access and is ideal for phones being carried around in a bag or purse. The shell case comes in a variety of different materials, colours and patterns.


A skin case is similar in design to the shell case. It is fitted around the back of the phone and offers similar protection. The difference is in the material. A skin case is made out of silicone rubber or a similar pliable material. Again it is available in a number of different aesthetics.


As the name suggested, the armband case straps around the users arm and holds the phone in place. This is ideal for athletes who are exercising and wish to listen to music or carry their phone while they run. Take care to look at the shock resistance and sweat protection offered by the armband to ensure it meets your personal needs.


The pouch case is designed for the iPhone 5 to sit fully enclosed within a sleeve of material. When the user wishes to use the phone it can then be taken out of the pouch.


A holster is similar to the pouch in that the phone sits inside the case and must be taken out to use. However a holster can be attached to a belt.

Flip Case

The flip case sits around the back of the iPhone 5 similar to a shell or skin, but it has a front which ‘flips' open and shut around the phone. This flap offers additional protection to the iPhone 5's screen. Some flip cases also offer space for storing cards, money and other items often found in a wallet.

Buying Considerations

Most iPhone 5 cases will be specifically designed for the iPhone 5. However it is worth checking the following points before purchase:

  • Case Suitability. In the instance that the case is designed to be a permanent protective case (i.e. the shell or skin case) be sure to check that it does not block the following: bottom-mounted speaker and top mounted microphone, headphone jack, microphone, and dock-connector port; the camera lens and flash (situated on the back of the phone); light sensor, and proximity sensor (located on the front).
  • Functionality of the Case . It is important to take into account what the case needs to do for your phone. The answer to this question will indicate towards the right case for the job.
  • Aesthetic. Take time to consider the aesthetic of the case. As a fashion accessory, an iPhone 5 case can make a bold statement.
  • Cost. Be sure to set a realistic budget. This should include incidentals like postage and handling.

How to Buy an iPhone 5 Case on eBay

eBay's extensive range of different iPhone 5 accessories make it the ideal location to buy the perfect case to protect the phone. Searching for a case can be done a number of different ways – via the keyword search (found at the top of every page), by undertaking an ‘advance search' (located next to the keyword search) or by browsing the categories. The case can be purchased using PayPal or a debit or credit card. Each payment option is safe and secure with clear instruction provided by eBay.


A smart phone like the iPhone 5 is a device used on a daily basis. It is important for the phone to not only work well, but to be protected against the perils of a busy modern lifestyle. With the amount of choice available and the simple to use site, eBay offers a massive range of different types of iPhone 5 covers to suit every personality and request. Not only that, but it is possible to browse the available options, purchase and have it delivered straight to your home from the comfort of your living room.

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