How to Choose a Coffee Grinder

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How to Choose a Coffee Grinder

Not all coffeemakers brew in the same manner, and no two coffee grinders are the same, either. Grinding coffee at home is an efficient way to make the freshest coffee possible. It also lets the user control every aspect of the coffee experience, from the grind type down to the amount of time between grinding and brewing. While expensive coffee grinders can produce a consistently good grind, users do not have to break the budget to find an effective coffee grinder.


Why Grind Coffee at Home?

Coffee beans begin to lose their flavour almost as soon as they are ground. For this reason, many coffee lovers prefer to grind their own coffee beans at home. Pre-ground coffee purchased in grocery stores often goes stale very quickly, even if users store the grounds in the refrigerator or freezer. Keeping the beans whole until just before using them keeps the oils intact.


Types of Coffee Grinders

Coffee grinders crush and grind the beans into powder so that, once combined with water, the beans produce coffee. The finer the grind, the stronger the coffee generally is. Coffee strength also depends on the type of coffee used and the degree to which the beans are roasted. Consumers have the choice of two main types of grinders: burr grinders and blade grinders.

Burr Grinders

Burr grinders compress and crush the coffee beans. Because of this, these types of grinders tend to produce a more consistently ground bean. Burr grinders often have controls built in that allow the user to fine tune the type of grind. They also tend to be a little more expensive than blade grinders, so they may not be a first choice for those who are on a strict budget.

Blade Grinders

Blade grinders use a blade that spins rapidly to chop the beans. This grinder is less exact than a burr grinder, resulting in beans that are ground somewhat inconsistently. Blade grinders are very compact, however, which makes them a good choice for those who have little counter space to spare, or for those who like to grind their own beans no matter where they are. These grinders are also more affordable, so they are easy to fit into almost any budget.


Grind Types

Different types of coffeemakers require beans to be ground to specific levels in order to function properly. Some grinders have settings that correlate to these grind types. Coarse grinds work well in a percolator or a French press. Medium and fine work well in drip coffeemakers, and extra fine is what users need for Turkish coffee or espresso. After grinding a few batches of coffee, it becomes easier to find one's preferred consistency.


Considerations When Choosing a Coffee Grinder

Choosing a coffee grinder may seem intimidating at first, but sorting out the intentions for the grinder can be helpful. Some consumers intend to use their coffee grinder for non-coffee purposes, such as for grinding nuts or seeds, while others only intend to grind coffee occasionally. In any case, the available budget and space, as well as the intentions for the grinder can help one make an informed decision.


There are excellent coffee grinders available for those on a budget. The grinders may have fewer features than the more expensive models, but they still do a great job. Blade grinders are the best segment of grinder to start with, but do not overlook inexpensive burr grinders as well.


Sometimes space is more of a consideration than the budget. If only a small cabinet is available in which to store a coffee grinder, consider other options, such as coffeemakers with built-in grinders. These allow users to maximise the space that they have available.


For users who intend to have the grinder do other things, such as grind spices, an inexpensive grinder is a good option. Another way to manage this is to have two inexpensive grinders: one of which is devoted to coffee, while the second grinds spices or other food items. Coffee grinders with built-in storage are another option, since they allow users to grind several days' worth of coffee at a time.


How to Buy a Coffee Grinder on eBay

Buying a coffee grinder on eBay is very easy to do. From any page on eBay, locate the search bar at the top of the page. Type in the description for the grinder that you want to purchase, and then begin sorting through the results. If you want to find a burr grinder, for example, type that into the search bar. For coffeemakers that include a grinder, type 'coffeemaker and grinder' into the search box to find results that match your needs.

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