How to Choose a Dog Kennel

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How to Choose a Dog Kennel

Every dog owner knows finding the right kennel for their pet is a tricky task. With many different aspects to look at, finding a dog kennel is not only time-consuming, but often exhausting. However, shoppers no longer need to spend hours at various stores. Instead, they can search for the perfect kennel online. First, they just have to know what features their kennel needs to have.


Types of Dog Kennels

Various types of dog kennels make up the market. From collapsible kennels to standard cages, each owner gets to choose the exact type they need. Each kennel type has a particular use.

Collapsible Kennel

A collapsible model works great for those who want to keep their kennel stored during the day. The owner folds it down to a compact size so it moves easily. It saves space in the home, making it an ideal option for those with a smaller home or apartment.

It’s an ideal option for those who move often or travel a lot and take their dogs with them. Those who want to be able to put their kennels away during the daytime also enjoy this type of kennel.

Travel Crate

Anyone who travels with their dog a lot needs to consider a travel crate. These can be used during the day as a regular crate, but are also smaller in size so they transport easily. There are two options when it comes to travel crates: hard or soft. A hard-sided dog crate works better for larger dogs. A soft crate may tear apart due to the weight of the dog and whether they chew or bite, but a hard crate holds up. A soft-sided crate will carry a small to medium sized dog easily, and is a lighter option that will not add much additional weight.



A traditional cage is the option most people choose. The durability ensures the dog stays safe inside and does not have the ability to get out. Owners leave it out at all times of day, so they do not need to worry about moving its heavy weight.


Dog Kennel Size

Someone who has a chihuahua does not require the same size kennel as someone with a German Shepard. Each kennel comes in a different size, big enough to fit the type of dog each owner has. The sizes include:

  • Extra Small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large

The extra small cage holds a puppy, while a medium holds a bulldog. The extra large accommodates the biggest dogs, such as a St. Bernard. Every dog owner should purchase the exact size they need for their pet.


Kennel Material

Kennels are made out of different materials. While many of the traditional cages are made from metal, there are others fashioned from plastic. The soft-sided travel crates are made from fabric, and still other kennels are made from wood. They each have their own set of rules when it comes to maintenance and cleaning.


Metal cages are one of the easiest types to maintain. They do not wear down easily, so scrapes and marks left by the dog should be relatively unnoticeable. To clean them, the owner either takes them outside to hose them down or uses a soapy rag.


Plastic cages are similar to metal ones in terms of cleaning. They can be cleaned easily, but they are more susceptible to marks left behind by the dog. These marks can be sanded down so they are no longer visible.


Fabric crates may also be easy to clean, as long as they possess a washable cover. If a cover is included, it is removed and thrown into the washing machine. The inside of the actual crate can then be wiped down.


Wood kennels work well outdoors. They often resemble a regular house, but are a scaled-down version. They too can be cleaned easily, using soap and water to scrub both the inside and outside.


Buying a Dog Kennel on eBay

Various sellers on eBay offer dog kennels for purchase. Instead of searching through the racks at the store, buyers can simply shop online through eBay’s website. From wood kennels to fabric crates, small options to large ones, and even different kennel types, any dog owner can find what they’re looking for.

To find the right kennel, users may search for the item directly. By typing "small dog kennels" under the “Dogs” section in the “Pet Supplies” category, they can find a list of related options. Once each owner determines the features they need, they can begin looking for the ideal dog kennel for their furry friend.

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