How to Choose a Lawn Mower

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How to Choose a Lawn Mower

Keeping the lawn trimmed and tidy not only makes it attractive, but also discourages weeds, lawn diseases, and pests from popping up. Hiring a lawn service for this important task can get expensive and bothersome. Owning a mower is more cost effective in the long run, allows homeowners to take pride in caring for the yard's specific needs, and come in a variety of styles for different mowing demands. Choosing the right lawn mower depends on the yard's features and what characteristics a particular homeowner is looking for in the mower itself.


Lawn Size

Evaluating the size of the lawn is one of the first priorities for choosing a proper lawn mower. Push mowers work well for people who have smaller lawns to maintain, while a riding mower works better for large yards that require more maintenance. The deck of the mower is another factor that comes into play according to lawn size. A mower with a wide deck can cut more grass in less time than one with a small deck. Decks around 50 centimetres in size are sufficient for small yards, while 72 to 107 centimetres is ideal for larger yards.



Push mowers of all types work well for lawns with flat surfaces, while lawns with hilly landscapes are better off with a self-propelled push mower to make the job easier. Keep in mind that gas-powered mowers are more powerful than the electric varieties, and rear-engine riding mowers are ideal for drastic slopes or large hills.


Types of lawn mowers

A large variety of mowers exists, and each has unique benefits. From cordless push mowers to tractor-style riding varieties, homeowners should choose a device that coordinates with their specific needs.

Manual reel mower

A manual reel mower is one of the most basic and inexpensive types available. The device spins a set of blades to cut grass as the mower is pushed along. This style is ideal for small yards with a flat surface and no obstacles to circumvent, is quiet, and requires little maintenance. There is no need to add fuel to make a manual reel mower run, making it environmentally friendly. It does require some manpower on the cutter's part, so those who prefer low mobility mowers may opt for another type.

Corded electric mower

An ideal mower for small yards is the corded electric model, which provides quiet, clean, and dependable cutting. No fuel is required, but users should be aware that they need an outdoor outlet, and possibly an extension cord, to reach the entire range of the yard. Mowers should also be careful not to run over the cord with the device. A corded electric mower is generally easier to push than a manual reel mower, especially if it is a self-propelled model.

Cordless push mower

The cordless push mower requires fuel, but it has the capacity to mow down tall grass and tough weeds. This mower comes in self-propelled or push varieties, the latter being the less expensive type. Front wheel drive models have wheels that pivot to avoid minor obstacles, such as shrubbery, trees, and garden areas.

Riding mower

Homeowners with a medium to large size yard might consider purchasing a basic riding mower, which provides a comfortable lawn-cutting experience. The fuel-powered mower allows the user to sit and steer through the lawn in a smooth, efficient manner. They handle slopes and hills with ease and make it easy to avoid obstacles in the yard.

Lawn tractor

Owners of large yards with rough or hilly terrain can benefit from a lawn tractor. This ride-on type features a large and powerful motor that allows cutters to mow quickly and effectively through expansive areas. It is one of the most comfortable lawn mowers available and serves more than one purpose. Mowers can attach a snow plough to shovel paths through heavy snow or a convenient work cart for heavy-duty jobs around the home. A mulching blade returns finely cut grass to the ground as a natural fertiliser for healthy growth. Mulch bags collect grass clippings that can supplement a compost bin.


How to buy a lawn mover on eBay

You can find any type of lawn mower for your needs on eBay. Enter keywords such as "lawn mower" in the search bar found on any eBay page. Narrow down your search with detailed keywords such as "manual reel mower" or "lawn tractor". Top-rated sellers provide pictures, details, and shipping options on their product pages. With your specific product in mind, you can easily and quickly find a good deal on the lawn mower you need on eBay.

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