How to Choose a Motorcycle Jacket

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How to Choose a Motorcycle Jacket

Who does not like the look of a motorcycle jacket? While they may look cool, the feature to keep in mind when buying a motorcycle jacket is protection. Before purchasing know what to look for, and carefully read all product descriptions.

Things to keep in mind when purchasing a motorcycle jacket are protection, fit and quality. With the large selection offered on eBay, buyers are sure to pair protection and looks in one fantastic jacket.



Motorcycle jackets are part of the armour worn by a rider to protect from the elements and most importantly, from injury. Good protection can reduce injury or in some cases prevent it. Risk zones that are imperative to cover with a jacket include elbows and shoulders. Jackets labelled CE EN 13595 have been tested for abrasion, impact, cut and seam burst-resistance, and comply with the EU Standard.

Injury Prevention

When deciding on the right motorcycle jacket to purchase, there are some specific areas to pay attention to on the jacket for protection while riding.

  • Shoulders: High impact risk. The EU requires impact protectors marked EN 1621-1) in the correct size (two sizes, A and B).
  • Upper Arm and Forearm: Moderate abrasion risk. Look for abrasion resistant fabric.
  • Elbow: High impact risk. The EU requires impact protectors marked EN 1621-1) in the correct size (two sizes, A and B).
  • Back and Chest: Moderate abrasion risk. Look for abrasion resistant fabric. Extra passing in the back is recommended.

Zips should be covered on the interior and exterior of the jacket to prevent abrasion risk.

Weather Protection:

Look for waterproof and wind and sun resistant materials like leather. However, don’t discount textiles that give the same protection but offer ventilation during hot summer rides. Wrists should have a zip or strap to prevent the elements from creeping under the jacket or body heat loss during the cold. Keep in mind that leather is not necessarily warm; it’s the liner that provides warmth.



A motorcycle jacket that is not too loose or too tight will increase the likelihood of being worn and will reduce distraction while riding. A tight fit restricts blood flow and fatigues a rider. A loose fit is distracting and risks injury if the jacket shifts protection from needed areas during a collision.



Price is not necessarily an indicator of protection. Some more expensive jackets did not pass the EU’s safety tests. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Burst seams are a big problem in lesser quality jackets. Larger pieces of leather require less stitching and therefore, provide less risk of bursting. Take a close look at the pictures to check for any dropped stitches. Leather should have 11-14 stitches per 5 cm, fabric should have 13-16 stitches per 5 cm. Each layer of fabric or leather needs to be double-stitched to each connecting layer.
  • Metal studs and buckles may look cool, but try to avoid these as they will scratch motorcycle paintwork and can injure in a crash.
  • Interior lining needs to have a high melting point so as not to melt into skin when under friction.

Leather Grains

Cow hide is the strongest hide used for leather. It comes in various degrees of grain.

  • Full or Naked Grain - 1.5-2.0mm thickness. This leather has been aniline dyed or semi-aniline dyed. Pure aniline leather retains all of the animal’s natural markings. This is the highest quality grain. Semi-aniline adds another layer of dye to the aniline.
  • Top Grain - 1.2- 1.3mm thickness. This is natural leather that is fed through a machine to even out thickness. The top layer is called top grain. A less expensive alternative to Full Grain that meets the recommended thickness for protection set forth by the EU.
  • Split Leather - 0.5 -1.0mm thickness. This is a layer cut off from the Top Grain and laid closest to the flesh. Containing no natural grain, it offers little protection and is extremely cheap, as leather goes. It does not meet the recommended thickness for protection.


Buying Motorcycle Jackets on eBay

Search by typing keywords into the search bar found on the top of any eBay page. Alternatively, view listings under Motors > Motorcycles Parts & Accessories. While there, search for other great protective motorcycle apparel. Don’t forget to check for motorcycle jackets on the Deals page.

Always click on a seller’s profile before purchasing to ensure their credibility. Change the item location toAustralia Only to ensure domestic shipping rates. It is always smart to verify shipping rates before purchasing.

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