How to Choose a Plasma TV

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How to Choose a Plasma TV

Although TV prices are considerably lower than in recent years, a plasma TV can easily be the most expensive component of a home theatre system. Smart shoppers should carefully consider the features they need and make sure the plasma TV they buy is compatible with the other components of their home theatre system.

Small cells inside the plasma TV contain electrically charged gases that create the images you see. Plasma TVs offer better viewing angles, as the pictures do not degrade at high angles, unlike LCD images. In addition, plasma technology offers a better contrast ratio, wider viewing angle, space-saving design, variety of mounting options and less motion blur than an LCD TV.


Factors to Consider

Screen Size

One of the most important decisions that shoppers make when buying a television is choosing a screen size. Buying a plasma TV is no different. In fact, for maximum viewing experience, shoppers are encouraged to choose a screen size that’s not only within their budget, but offers a comfortable viewing distance too. A good rule of thumb is to choose a television that has a 30 degrees viewing angle at the point where the audience will sit. Here’s a quick guide that explains viewing distance and maximum and minimum screen size.


Viewing Distance

Minimum Screen Size

Maximum Screen Size

8 feet (96 inches)

32 inches

63 inches

10 feet (120 inches)

40 inches

80 inches

12 feet (144 inches)

46 inches

96 inches

14 feet (168 inches)

52 inches

112 inches


Display Resolution

Display resolution refers to the number of pixels contained within the plasma glass. The common choices for display resolution are 720p or 1080p. The question that usually arises with these options is: Is a 1080p plasma TV worth the money?

The answer depends on the screen size of the television. A 1080p resolution on a set that has less than a 42-inch display size is simply a waste because the image will still be downscaled to fit the small screen. However, televisions with more than 42 inches of screen size feature better image quality with a 1080p resolution.

Other Features

Aside from the screen size and display resolution, plasma TVs may come with some other features that may be worth considering.

Audio Options

While there are still some plasma TVs in the market that don’t come with built-in speakers, a good number are available with this additional feature. These speakers can be used in conjunction with a surround sound system for maximum sound immersion.

Shoppers who choose a television set with speakers should check the quality of the built-in speakers and the output wattage. Generally, a 15W x 15W built-in speaker is preferred.


A plasma TV is particularly versatile because of its connectivity options. Shoppers should be mindful of the number of USB ports and HDMI inputs. The more inputs and ports a plasma TV has, the better. For instance, a TV should have at least three HDMI inputs if it will be connected to a game console, cable box and Blu-ray player. HDMI, also known as high definition multimedia interface, offers superior audio and video quality.

All plasma TVs comes with the standard component-video or S video inputs. Buyers who want to use a TV as a computer monitor should check that it offers digital visual interface capabilities. Other basic connections include A/V inputs for camcorder hook-up and an Ethernet hook-up for the Internet connection.


How to Buy a Plasma TV on eBay

eBay offers many Plasma TV options. To view extensive listings, shoppers can go to the “Electronics” category, then click on “TV & Home Entertainment.” Under the “Television” section, shoppers can refine their searches by using the different filters to specify brand, features and condition of the plasma TV. Bargain hunters can also enjoy massive savings by viewing eBay deals, which offer special sales and low prices.

Once shoppers find the plasma TV that they like, they can opt to place the listing on their watch list so they can compare it with other items, or they can join the auction and make a bid. Some items have the Buy It Now price, which allows shoppers to buy an item immediately at fixed price.



Plasma TV is a great addition to any home theatre system, especially if the buyer wants a 3D compatible set. It’s the perfect choice for an entertainment room, and with several mounting options, it’s an excellent way to maximise the living room space.

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