How to Choose a replacement Swiss Army Watch Band

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When you need to replace the band on your Swiss Army Watch it can be quite difficult to choose a replacement. A number of companies offer replacement bands. Each has the "Swiss Army" signature style to it, but from the photos it is hard to determine which is the better band. In all things you generally get what you pay for, but in the world of eBay deals it is hard to distinguish apples from oranges.

The most expensive choice is of course the Genuine Swiss Army replacement band. Please note eBay sellers are supposed to put "Fits" or "For" in the title of Swiss Army Bands which are not genuine Swiss Army. The occasional seller might miss it, so be sure to double check the sellers description to be sure who exactly made your band.

Currently in the the top replacement band manufacturers are Hadley Roma and Speidel. These are top notch replacement band companies who are still in business and who will cover their bands under limited warrantee for manufacturing defects if the product is purchased from an authorized dealer. Other watch band companies such as Kreisler are no longer in business, so obviously they will not cover their products. There areauthorized dealers selling bands on eBay so be sure to look out for them. Always ask your seller questions if you are not sure about the product.

Product Sizing -
The size band you need is measured as "Lug Size" which is the width in mm's of the band where it meets the watch. Some bands are stepped and are a bit wider slightly farther down the band away from the watch. What we want is the width of the band where it is meeting the watch. For instance typical men’s sizes are 16mm, 18mm, 19mm, and 20mm.

Length: Length is a bit tougher to determine. Hadley Roma and Speidel BOTH offer Long lengths in some colors and sizes (But not all). To properly determine length needed:

· Measure wrist (For instance 20cm)

· Add 0.5cm for comfort (Our example now 20.5cm)

· Subtract the length of your watch when looking at it with 12 O'clock facing up (For our example let's use: 4cm so now 20.5cm minus 4cm = 16.5cm)

You now know what length at which your band needs to fit. In our example we need our band to have a hole somewhere near 16.5cm for the band to fit correctly. A typical Swiss Army men’s band is 20cm INCLUDING buckle. Generally the last hole is within 2.5cm of the end of the band. So if we need a hole at 16.5cm of band we are safely before the last hole, and would be able to wear a regular band. The terms regular and long are relative in the watch band world, be sure to check the listing for each item you are interested in for the exact length of the band, so you know what you are getting will work. In general the last hole (so the biggest size the band will fit it is always at about 2.5cm from the band's end)

Product Reviews and Comments:

#1 Hadley Roma - Hadley Roma wins my vote for the best Swiss Army Style band. A few reasons:

· The only replacement band which has water resistant leather

· It has high quality leather and heavier nylon webbing than most other bands

· It tends to be slightly longer than other brands

· They also have a compass model in some sizes and colors

· They do have Longs in some sizes and colors

· Hadley Roma is a well-known company still in business which stands behind their product if purchased from an authorized dealer

· Note - Hadley Roma does not currently produce a Ladies Swiss Army Style Band

#2 Speidel - NOTE - Not all Speidel is created equal. Speidel has 2 levels of bands: Speidel and Speidel Express. You always get what you pay for, the Speidel Express band is the low end version. It’s great for the price don't get me wrong, but the regular line band has better quality buckle, leather and webbing. If you want a better band pick the regular one NOT the Express version. When buying Speidel bands online be careful you are comparing apples to apples. Determine if the band is Express or not.

· Speidel is a well-known company still in business which stands behind their product if purchased from an authorized dealer

· Speidel’ s band is NOT water resistant

· Speidel probably has more color choices and sizes particularly in the Express Line.

· They do carry a Ladies band in BOTH regular and Express

#3 Hirsch - Hirsch's Swiss Army is high quality and very nice but no longer in production. Hirsh is still in existance, but no longer makes this band.

· Hirsh's band is a bit more elegant

· High quality leather and buckle

#4 Kreisler - No longer in business

· A nice high quality band with buckle

In the end the choice is up to you! Be sure to buy your band from a reputible dealer who is willing to accept returns.

Happy eBaying!

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